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How to write Email follow ups for your campaign?


Most people fail to use email follow ups as a strategy because they are stubborn on not spending money on auto responders. I feel pity on them as auto responders generate so much ROI. On an average, any sales offer would convert at around 5%.

So what happens to the remaining 95% of the people? Leaving this is like leaving money on the table.

Hence, we make a lead magnet which those 95% people can avail for free and we get their email id’s in return. This is where the auto responder sequence or follow up sequence play a major role to remind them regularly or present the offer to them in a consistent manner in order to generate maximum returns.


Your automated follow up is the neglected workhorse of your online marketing. This is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal and approximately all your leads and customers will experience it. The email follow ups brings contacts back to your website, builds a relationship with them, nurtures and creates lead and drives conversations. So it’s certainly worth the effort.


Follow the below mentioned procedure to create a well-defined follow up sequence for your leads.

Follow up with curious prospects –

This can be established by sending triggered emails. You should know that when prospects interact with your campaigns, your brand is on their mind. This is why you might want to keep the momentum going. You can establish this is by sending triggered emails. This is an email sent automatically to someone who has subscribed and has abandoned the cart, subscription or signup. As they are relevant and timely, it is easier to get their attention. Triggered emails have a CTR 152% higher than traditional emails. Not only this, they also have a 50% higher open rates. Here are some tips from Crazy Egg you can follow:

  • Your prospects need to be given added exposure to your brand by referencing their recent visit to your website.
  • Customer feedback is important so don’t forget to ask. There are chances that a technical glitch might have prevented them from converting. It can help you tweak your landing page for higher conversions.
  • Your CTA should be crystal clear. This button should make it easy for them to get back at the transaction if they are willing to go ahead with it.

Give them a VIP feel with personalization –

Adding a personal touch in email is a great way to build relationship and rapport. As per this article, transaction and revenue were six times higher than non-personalized emails. You can employ one tactic. Make them feel like they are pa part of an elite club. The idea is to give them a feel like they’re privy to a sneak peek or a secret sale. The more they feel appreciated and liked, more the chances of them getting converted.

CTA should be compelling enough for them to click –

Your follow up emails should have a clear goal. The actions, whatever may be should be very clear. This is because if your CTA is clear enough, higher the chances that your subscriber will be propelled further down your sales funnel. Set up a clear definition in your CTA. Post this, do an A/B testing to see which works best.

Link your CTA to a landing page –

Next in the email follow up sequence is the most important page for your sales funnel. If people land up at a page they have no idea about what to do and what they have come for, then, my friend, all your past effort and time went down the drain. The intended goal of the email should be clear enough to propel action. Bonus points if you can properly explain the benefits they will receive and what you get from it. Think like a prospect if you want them to buy. Visualizing things from their perspective will make the path easier for you.

Offer something unexpected to them –

The follow up sequence is effective if you believe in the principle of under promise and over delivery. Offering something like an exclusive webinar or something valuable to them makes them think. It provides an opportunity to build rapport and relationship with them. It also gives them repeated exposure to you or your company which in turn increases the likelihood of them getting converted. It also provides them a window to see what you have to offer before asking for a commitment.

The fact that the subscribers have given their email is proof enough that they have you on their subconscious mind. How to make the most of it is your responsibility and with the tips given above, you can generate a perfect follow up sequence to convert the cold or abandoned prospects into those who purchase. Don’t forget, according to stats, 81% sales come from a fifth follow up. So, knowing this, you will not want to leave money on the table.



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