What does it take to be an Entrepreneur?


Do you have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur?

With the Entrepreneurship bubble at pace, everyone is thinking of becoming an Entrepreneur today.

But have we ever asked this to ourself; what are the qualities one should have to become an Entrepreneur?

If not, then let’s delve on it today.

Over the last 5 years of working as an Entrepreneur, here are the qualities I think are must have:

Quality 1: Self Discipline

One of the most underrated things with human life is discipline…

We were taught this when we were young.

Some people learned it, while others did not…

For being a good entrepreneur, it’s important to have self-discipline.

No one pushes us,
No one is above us,
No one will wake us,

So it’s you who needs to do all.

Quality 2: Execution

The name of the game is execution.

If you like to plan a lot and you aim to be a perfectionist then

Entrepreneurship is not for you.

Overthinking leads to inaction.

Want to be an Entrepreneur?

Go Execute barbarically!

Quality 3: Goals

One of the key identifier qualities for any aspiring Entrepreneur is the ability to set goals.

Are you someone who is working for your own goals?

Or are you trying to fulfill someone else’s goals?

You have to be a visionary and craft a journey for others to follow.

Quality 4: Risk

Are you a risk-taker?

Can you take decisions where there is no safe passage?

Entrepreneurs have high risk-taking capabilities.

The Greater the Risk, the Greater the Reward.

Quality 5: Self Motivated

Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey.

You do things no one else does.

You take the road less traveled.

Even in your high times, you would not find many people patting on your back.

You have to learn to live with it and be on your own.

You should be your own driving force.

Rather not for yourself,

You have to be a ray of hope for everyone around too.

Your Lovely Team.

Quality 6: Self Investment

As an entrepreneur, one has to be creative enough to find solutions that others can’t.

So you have to be sharp!

Investing in oneself is the key identifier for being a successful entrepreneur.

Quality 7: Stubborn

The world out there is 99% Mediocre.

Whenever you set a foot forward, there would be 99 people pulling you back.

You have to be Stubborn.

You have to have that Trust on yourself.


Say this to yourself.

This is your Road Forward.

Quality 8: Clarity of thought

The world comprises of people.

And we have a code of conduct, we communicate via a language.

One should have clarity of thought to communicate their point.

Lead them into a conversation, and make the point to have a good one.

These are the qualities that are a must for everyone who wants to be the One.

While there could be a million other questions, but if you have these qualities…

…then you should start your journey.

And If not, then it’s best to inculcate these skills before you begin.

Are you an entrepreneur?

Did I miss something?

I would love to hear your journey in the comments below.

A Toast to all the Entrepreneurs from my Side.

I know it was never easy and it never will be 🙂

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