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Welcome Instagram Ads Carousel – Another blow to print


Earlier in 2014 i talked about Instagram is going to be the best social media platform of 2015. To this a lot of marketers said to me but how are we going to advertise on instagram because we cannot link our advertisements/posts in Instagram. No worries Instagram has a solution for you. If you are aware of the slide ads which Facebook has been testing on it’s own platform after proving it’s mettle is now rushing to instagram.

With no doubt they are going to be the best performing ads, for one simple reason being Attention Curve. The attention of a user on Instagram is much more higher if compared to any other social media platform because of less noise.

Instagram first began showing ads in October 2013. It endured a temporary backlash from users, but the complaints eventually died down. About four months ago Instagram introduced video ads, to the delight of companies like Disney.

However, until now, Instagram’s ads have been primarily for institutional advertisers looking for influence, but not necessarily immediate sales. Think Coca-Cola or fashion brands like Michael Kors. Clickable carousels will make Instagram’s ads work for a much wider range of companies, which could quickly ramp up its revenue.

Above you’ll see a carousel for Pencils Of Promise, a non-profit that builds schools. A single photo might have been easy to scroll by. But if someone is interested, they can swipe through to see more photos of the students the organization helps, and at the end, click through the Learn More button to donate.

Alternatively, a fashion brand could show a model wearing a complete look, or outfit, on their first slide. Swiping though, you could see close-ups of the dress, handbag, and sunglasses, with a link out to buy these items at the end. Or a car company could show the exterior in its first image, the interior features in the second, and then an action shot of the car driving with a link to find out more about pricing and local dealerships.

This is an incredible roll out, and a great product that I think a lot of people will want to play with over the next couple of months. The fact that not every photo is clickable, that the call to action click only comes on the last photo, continues to show that Instagram and Facebook are hypersensitive about over-monetizing the platforms. They still want to make sure the experience is user friendly.

Though Print is much more developed and penetration is beyond but i care more about Marketing in the Year we live in and hence it could be one of the best products. Moreover if you want to market your product to the Demo of 18-30 years old people, there is more in Instagram than Facebook. Instagram caught the fire of growth in India when Mr Narendra Modi joined it, since then we have seen a 20% increase in the user base and it will continue to grow bigger every hour. Instagram is the Facebook of 2012 right now with tremendous potential and very less noise.


Though, It would take another 15 months for Instagram to come at pace where advertisers are only ROI hungry but the product has great potential to start with branding solutions.

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