6 Websites to Follow if you are an Internet Marketer


Internet Marketing is the most dynamic industry you will ever witness in your life, changing lightning fast. To keep a track of the latest happenings i would really recommend you to follow these websites.

1. Social Samosa

The number one website to follow if you are doing internet marketing in India is Social Samosa. They have gem packed resources that can be used, case studies to learn from and many more.

Source: Indian Social Media Knowledge Storehouse | Social Media India Case Studies, Tips, Jobs & Events | Facebook and Twitter Tips

2. Social Media Examiner

This is one of the most leading blogs in the industry of Social Media. Make sure you don’t forget to watch their tutorials – they are simply outstanding.

Source: Social Media Examiner: Social media marketing how to, research, case studies, news and more! | Social Media Examiner

3. Copy Hackers

Copy Hackers led by Joana is one of the best blogs which you shall encounter on the internet. It focuses on majorly the copy written on your webpages (specifically the landing pages). You can really boost your conversion rates after reading few articles from here.

Source: Copy Blog – Over 50,000 Readers | Copywriting by Copy Hackers | Conversion Copywriting and Web Copy Ebooks for Startup Marketers

4. Kissmetrics

It all started for them from Analytics, but with time they have become a overall resource for conversions on Internet in any domain. It’s led by the world’s most famous Internet Entrepreneur “Neil Patel” – Happy Optimising!

Source: Kissmetrics Online Marketing Blog – Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimization

5. Quick Sprout

This is a personal blog managed by Neil Patel, it has the most in depth articles on Internet perhaps no one can beat it. So start learning now.

Source: Quick Sprout Blog by Neil Patel

6. Search Engine Land

Anything and everything related to Search Engines, be it SEO or SEM or updates in the industry – this is your go to destination for all of the mentioned needs.

Source: Search Engine Land | Must Read News About SEO, SEM & Search Engines

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