VIP Content Part 3 – The Beggar Theory

“How to Decide Upsells?”

Today we are going to talk about Upsells, the How’s and the amazement which most marketers miss.

I will want to narrate an incident here, really the incident through which i learnt all about Upsells.

Amidst the preparation of Live Suite Pro – our first SAAS launch, we were discussing about the OTO (One time offers) and i was asked to suggest what you should we keep in OTO 1 for the funnel (The features).

I gave suggestions – lets sell a training in OTO 1 where people will learn how to Build their pages organically.

To this, i was responded – people won’t buy.  At first i was surprised, like why not?

But i was amazed, when the magic beans were spilled by my launch partner Jai.

He said, Gaurav – think of OTO1 as something that makes buying the frontend offer useless. Like if you want to eat a burger, the beverage becomes something which if not taken then you are not able to cherish your meal. Something similar.

To this there was one more punch. He said to me, Assume that you are someone who is starting online but have lost a lot of money in process. Now you don’t want to spend any money. That customer buys your product – how will you sell him OTO1?

(More Like a Beggar after the FE – no disrespect to our dearest customers but just an anatomy)

Think of every customer as that person and then make your OTO. Your OTO’s should be so irresistible that without them the FE Product should look useless.”

Guess what?

We converted at 45% with Live Suite Pro OTO1.

Indeed that taught me a lesson for lifetime.

So, Make your Upsell decisions in a manner that even the person with no money will have to purchase it.

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