VIP Content (Part 2), The Cheese of the Mouse

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Now once you have figured out the basic things about your first product, it’s time to come to the thing that most marketers are unaware off.

Welcome this term, it’s called FUNNELS.


A: Funnels are a way to sell more products to people once they buy the basic offering to take advantage of the buying streak of the customer at that very moment for more profits.

Key terms in the Funnels:

Front End, One Time Offer (OTO)/Upsells, Downsells

Front End – This is the basic product that is displayed on the front sales page, the very first interaction of the customer. This is really the good stuff like a lot of weight is added to this in making.

OTO’s /Upsells – These are one time offers which we give to people after their basic purchase. If they deny this then they will not be able to buy it later.

Downsell – It’s a way to sell half of the Upsell product at a lesser price.

PS: One cannot buy OTO/Upsell/downsell until he buys the Front End Basic Product..

Sounds like something?

This is where people make huge mistakes, they just don’t make a funnel. They get tired after making the initial offering.

Let me give you an amazing example come fact…

If McDonalds just sold Burgers it would have been bank corrupt by now.. That’s their basic product and they don’t profit much out of it..

It’s the French fries and the beverage that makes them the money (The Upsells – they sell it in bundles or so called meals)

Hope this clears the air now.

Q: Where can i make funnels?

A: Funnels can be made in all the major platforms like ClickBank, JvZoo, WarriorPlus, Thrivecart, Samcart, PayKickstart, Custom Sales cart with Paypal etc..

This is the real juice …..

So how do you go ahead and decide what to should be sold in an Upsell and what should be sold in Front End?

It took me 3 product launches to figure out this indeed..

So, i am sure you can wait for one more day to get an answer to this.. This is the good stuff from here now..


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