VIP Content – Part 1

I wanted to talk about Digital Product Creation today. If you have never created a product then this is worth reading else you can skip this. You may even want to bookmark this email for further use.

You may know me as the guy who was a Trainer once and converted into a Software Vendor Entrepreneur.

Lets get to the real knowledge. We will keep it Q and A Style here…

Q: Why should you have your own product?

A: One reason, you can make more  money if it’s your product.

Q: What kind of product can you make when you start?

A: I would suggest you to make an info product for the following reasons:

  1. Less Investment
  2. Scalability is huge
  3. List Building
  4. Help from other affiliates to get Golden Traffic
  5. Authority in the market
  6. Your own Business

Sounds convincing? Let’s move forward.

Q: I am not an expert in any niche, how do i make a product?

A: Partner with an expert simply or hire someone to create content for you on fiverr, freelancer, friends or family. This is an easy part.

Q: What are the steps i need to build a product?

A: Following steps needs to be followed in order to build a product.

  1. Select the Niche you want to make a product for
  2. Start working on logo and name.
  3. Make an Intro video using Viddyoze and use it for branding every video you make
  4. Start making content in form of videos and pdf’s (Make only actionable contentalong with case studies)

Q: How do i deliver the content to the customers?

A: You can use a membership portal out of anything mentioned below, i used optimizepress when i launch my first ever course named PPV Beast

  • Optimizepress works like a charm with WordPress ($97 for 3 license)
  • Smartmember (We used it for my second info product Internet Profits, want a free one membership account – contact me)
  • MemberHub (Web Based)
  • Or any plugin which protects your videos.

Are you still with me? Lets scroll down.

Q: How do i make sure my videos are protected and not shared in the Black Market?

A: Use Vimeo to lock the content to the domain, that can help to some extent.

Q: How do i sell my info product?

A: There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. Do a launch on a marketplace like Jvzoo, ClickBank or warrior plus. The advantage with marketplace is that if you know some affiliates then the traffic which you will get on a launch will be almost free and gold plated. It would convert awesome.
  2. Launch with a Freebie Funnel leading them to sales page and run advertisements majorly on Facebook. You get to build your list while selling the product.

So, i hope i covered quiet a lot of basics here with regard to your first ever product. I am in a hurry right now as i am headed for some work in office so i’ll join you tomorrow again. But before that tell me..