A Step by Step guide to Facebook Remarketing


Did you ever notice that you search for something on an e-commerce website and then you see similar product ads on your Facebook news feed?

The product was being remarketed and when done specifically on Facebook, it is called Facebook remarketing. You must be wondering how Facebook knew what you searched on Amazon or Flipkart, right? That’s because Amazon or Flipkart or the host e-commerce site placed a small code on its website that allows it to show you advertisements related to your search.

SO when you are a subject of such a simple thing, why not use it in your own online business?

…..But why use it?
Simple. It is because in our online world, we are constantly working our backside off trying to get as many people to visit our site as possible. But the problem is, once they leave, they do not come back. I repeat, they do not come back.

Remarketing is a great way to get them back to our site by constantly reminding them of what they are missing. This way we can turn them into visitors once again and carry on the sales process.

In comparison to non-targeted marketing, Remarketing Ads have reported a response rate of 400% more than non-targeted marketing. In case you must be wondering why you should consider remarketing, it is because Facebook ads have been reported to be well over 22 billion clicks per year and we all know that Facebook active monthly users are more in number than China’s population. Additionally, the Facebook remarketing ads get thrice more engagement than normal Facebook ads. So all these facts make remarketing on Facebook, a no brainer.

So let’s learn how to convert them on the second visit.

The first step in the Remarketing process is to Create Custom Audience. Facebook allows you to select the type of custom audience that you need to target. These include:

  • Customer List
  • Website Traffic
  • App Activity

To get started, Click on the Downward Arrow on your Facebook Profile and Navigate to Manage Adverts

Next Navigate to Audiences Section as shown below in the image.

Once there, Click on Create Audience.

To Start with, One should always use a Custom Audience and later we can progress to LookAlike Audience. Click on Custom Audience and you would be presented with four different options.

The most basic of all of them is Website Traffic, Click on Website Traffic and you would get an option to create an Audience as shown below. You will be given 4 options for creating a remarketing list.

The most common used by people is “People who visit specific pages, but not others“. This gives us a chance to optimise our funnel and that’s how companies like Amazon and other good brands follow you on Facebook when you visit a Product Page but do not make a Purchase.

Now once you chose this particular option, then you would be given the options to enter the URL’s of your Landing Page and Thank You Page as shown below.

In the First Field, put your Landing Page and in the Second URL put the Thank you Page.

You must be thinking, this means you would have to put a lot of audiences if you have an Ecommerce Website. Well, it’s not like that, for Ecommerce Websites we have Dynamic Remarketing Ads (I will discuss this topic in another post) which is done in a different manner than the above shown method.

Let’s talk about Pixel

Pixel is something which Facebook uses to track everything. It’s a piece of Code that is given to us to be placed on our Website pages. It’s no Hi-Fi Complex Game, but just a simple mechanism of placing the right code on right pages.

There can be 2 kinds of Websites:

  • WordPress like CMS Platform
  • HTML/Coded Websites


How to Insert the Pixel in WordPress :

Login to your WordPress Dashboard and Install a Plugin Called – Header and Footer

This plugin gives you the ability to paste the code in every page of your Website.

Now Navigate to Pixels in your Facebook Dashboard.

Now the Next thing would be to view the Pixel Code as shown below.

Once you click on View Pixel Code, you will be shown the code that needs to be pasted in the Website.

There are 2 parts of a Pixel,

  1.  Pixel Base Code – It should be present normally in every page of the website
  2.  Event Code – This should be present just on the Thank You Page

Copy the Pixel Base Code as shown in the image below!

Navigate to Settings -> Header and Footer in your WordPress Dashboard and paste the Pixel Base code as shown below.

Once done with the Base Code, lets head over to the Next Step in Facebook Pixel Dashboard.

Now select the Event that you would like to Track, there are 9 general events given to us by Facebook namely:

  • Search
  • View Content
  • Add to Basket
  • Add to Wishlist
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Add Payment Info
  • Purchase
  • Lead
  • Complete Registration

Now based on the Event you want to track, you can select one and copy the Respective Event Code as shown below.

Now Navigate to the Thank you Page where this code will be placed in wordpress. Once there, just Click on the Text Format of the page as shown below:

Now Paste the Code in the Begining itself and you are all set with your Facebook Pixel.

New Remarketing Campaign:

Thats not all yet, Now we need to make a New Remarketing Campaign with Remarketing Creatives, Landing Page and Targeting..

To Do that Click on the Dropdown on Facebook Account as shown on Image 1 in the Page, and Click on Create Adverts. Just make sure to Select Custom Audience as shown below and chose the Remarketing Audience you made for that Campaign.

All the Advertisements for this campaign will now show to the People in our Remarketing List.

Installing Pixel in HTML/Coded Website :

Installing Pixel in Coded website is comparatively Easier, all you need to do is give certain instructions to your Web Developer as explained below.

  • Copy the Pixel Base Code and put in a plain Text Document and name it as Header
  • Make a New Text Document and Copy the Event Code in that. Name the File as Thank You Page Body
  • Now Send both the files to the coder and ask him to Paste the Header File Code in all Pages Header and Ask him to Paste the Event Code in the Body of Thank you Page

Got Doubts, Ask them in comments below.

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  • Very Informative article. Just loved it 🙂

  • Ahmed Kamran Abid says:

    Thanks Gaurav Madaan for such a detailed article on Facebook Re marketing. Its really helpfull

  • thanks a lot for this wonderful article….superb

  • Vikas says:

    How can I promote my page or music video ?

    • Gaurav Madaan says:

      There are a lot of ways to promote a Music Video or one’s page but since this comment is based on a Facebook Post, let me answer it keeping that in mind.

      1. Go to Ads Manager on Facebook, and make an Account
      2. Put your Billing Details like Credit Card etc. or add Budget
      3. Now, make a great Video (Meme Style with Subtitles, you can use tools like Camtasia, Adobe Premier etc) and run an Ads for Views
      4. All the People who watched and liked that Video, invite them to like your Page. This can be done by clicking on all the People who have liked your Video and then pressing Invite button next to their Name.

      This is how you can get likes at a very effective pricing even with a low budget.

      PS: The benefit of this method is that Facebook Video Views are really budget friendly, you get a narrower audience, and you get a lot of Viral Views because of the style of the Video.

      IF you need any form of example for the same, please go to Facebook and type Logical Indian. You should see their page and it will give you a fair idea.

  • Sathik says:

    Thanks to share, kindly let me know how to use schema.org