Steps to Follow to Sell Digital Products Online


This Checklist is from a Reputed Marketer in the Internet Marketing Niche named Chris Hitman.


OK So Here is his Launch Checklist, with the number of launches he has done – he made a metric ton of mistakes… hopefully some of this will help you..

Also Please Criticize it as much as you can if you may see something missed out


Here’s the steps to go through to make & sell digital products

1. Brainstorming – Is there enough demand – Can we solve a real market problem with training or software

2. What is the USP – what can we add to make it unique or better?

3. Development Time/Costs – How long will it take to make? How much will it cost & what resources do we need?

4. Skillset – Do we have the right skills to take it from start to finish? ie. make it sell it.

5. Funnel – What Kind of Funnel Can we Build around it – What related offers would add value for the customer

6. Green Light – Lets Do it! Hands to tools

7. Select & buy domains

8. Make JV & Partner Agreements. Get in writing – belt & braces

9 Funnel Document – what products are in the funnel in what order.

10. Make it

11 Test it – play with it, Improve it for the user

12. Write Sales Copy

13. Write & Record VSL

14. Sales Page – set headings & page layouts

15. Sales Page – Set Images & Graphics

16. Sale Page – Set Text

17. Proof Read

18. Repeat Steps 10-17 for each funnel product

19. Record JV Video

20. Edit JV Page Template

21. Record Short Demo

22. Record Product Teaser Video

23. List Product & funnel in JvZoo or W+

24. Add JV Terms & JV Page Links  to Affiliate Application Pages

25. Add Affiliate Link to JV Page

26. Add Sales Page Link to JV Page

27. Add Swipe Mails to JV Page

28. Check Launch open & close dates & Times are correct

29. Check FB Opengraph Images + Meta Titles & Descriptions are Correct

30. Check VSLs are working on JV & Sales Page

31. Check buy Button links are correct on each page

32. Test Funnel yes & no thanks pages

33. Select Good Date In The Launch Calendar (Muncheye)

34. Create Delivery Pages or Link Apis to Deliver product

35. Create Training Material.

36. Protect Content with membership platform

37. Test Purchase

37. Check Site Security…

38. Fine Tune Graphics…

39. Enable Cache (internal or Cloudflare)

40. Add FB Tracking Pixel & Google Analytics code

41. Spin up a second server ready for funnel migration in case of DDOS problems

42. Create & Load A Pre Launch Holding Page

43. Create Post with Teaser video – boost post to JV List

44. Create JV & Demo Access

45. Approach top 1%  JVs 6 weeks up front

46. Give JV Access to top Affiliates 2 weeks up front

47. Remind Tier 1 JVs of your launch 2 weeks up front

48. Send JV Invite Mail Out 2 weeks up front

49. Remind Tier1 & Tier 2 JVs 1 week Up Front

50. Send Reminder JV Invite Mail Out 1 weeks up front

51. Final Reminder for Tier 1, 2 & 3 JVs days 3,2,1

52. Run JV Interviews 1 week up front

53. Post in 5 JV Groups – 1 day before launch

54. Set Up 1st Split test

55. Send Reminder JV IMail Out 1 day up front + 2nd mail to un-opens

56. Send Reminder Email To Own List about Product 1day up front + 2nd mail to unopens

57. Post in 5 JV Groups on morning of launch

58. Run Live Discussion Video / Demo + Webinar morning of launch (optional – better on big launches)

59. Launch – Check Sales stats – Select Split test Winner 3 hours+ into launch – if stats look bad in first hours – change stuff & use alternative sales pages and VSLs

60. Start New Split Test

61. If Stats Good Post Launch info on Wall + tag all JVs that expressed an interest

62. Send JV Email advising JVs of Good stats

63. Go Live Advising JVs of great Stats

64. Personally contact Tier 1 JVs advising of good stats

65. Post/share your live to 5 Groups at a time at 3 Hour


66. Check support Desk regularly

67. Post 1st contest leaderboard details within 12 hours

68. Retarget

$6+ is a good EPC $8+ is outstanding

No launch has ever gone perfectly & we have never yet completed this list to our full satisfaction … this is a perfect launch scenario & assumes your sales copy & market take-up is good


Credits : Chris Hitman

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