1. PPV Basics

Lesson 1:PPV Basics

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[op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”undefined” align=”left” font_color=”%23788596″]What is PPV Marketing?
Pay per view marketing (Online Display Advertising), when somebody views your advertisement – you pay per impression.

Origin of PPV marketing and what is the format?
Lot of marketers wanted to run campaigns with cheap traffic, Google, Facebook does not allow of things.. (Limitations – adult, competitors website, copyright issues)

Adware: –
Software which gets installed in your system through product bundling (with one software there would be an option while installing that you may like to install this as well or recommended software).

For eg: PC drivers, Toolbar giving you discount coupons, virus!

Once installed you will start seeing that there are advertisements, POP UP or POP UNDER. Annoying because over exploit these things..

Ad blocker cannot block these things… because it’s a software installed in your system…

That software is going to analyse all the webpages you visit.. and if there is keyword on which an ad is targeted that pop up is going to come over.


  • Keyword Targeting – Keyword is present in URL or if it is present on the webpage..!
  • Domain Targeting – You can target any domain where you want your landing page to pop up.
  • Category Targeting – Sports, Finance etc.


Provided the person who is browsing the web has the adware installed on his system!


Servers Cost – 20,000 – 1,00,000/month
Adware – 10,00,000
Software Installs – Variable (how quick) [0.1 $ – 0.5 Cost per Install) 50onRed, medihub, leadimpact
Team – Employees
Sell the traffic –
Adv formats available – Banner(PPV) advt., intext (CPC), popups (PPV)

Marketers – Psychology of Pop up traffic: –

  • He was actually browsing something and you showed him a pop up on top of it, distracted version of the person
  • Extremely relevant offer (eg: if i am on make my trip and i am booking a flight ticket, – Discount coupon with my affiliate link of a similar website like yatra.com or i can actually pitch him a hotel booking)
  • We need to make our landing pages to the point and straightforward
  • Very good hosting (shared hosting not a good solution, we use VPS – virtual private servers speed, the page has to load 2-3 second)
  • Javascript (to open entry and exit dialogue boxes in order to get the attraction)



Ask me your Questions!

  • subroneel saha says:

    In time lap 53.00 min you mentioned about the adv appearing on the system where already adware is installed and you see a pc /mac installer to remove junk file etc etc.Where a toll no appears with a voice asking to call.Now my question is if the viewer calls the toll no how do I track being a affiliate marketer. It would have been different issue if the domain was under my control.Is there any tracking mechanism or software to detect the call, if it is actually been made by the viewer.

    And my second question is related to the call .What is the revenue model, as I guess the calling part is not covered under PPV marketing.

    • Please visit call pixels for tracking calls, it’s a unique system to track calls. Also you can use Invoca.

      Revenue Model – You get paid per call (Not popular in India and would take 5 years to come)

  • subroneel saha says:

    On Time Lap 55.09 min, you showed your showed your account on 50onred and the conversion column shows 0 conversion.But you mentioned that the conversion ratio is good.

    So here my first question is what is the tentative figure of the conversion ratio.

    And my second question related to it is if your conversion ratio is 0 then what is the incoming output of the expenses made by you. Or is it that you earn from the call centre, as when the viewer calls the toll no seeing the Ad with the toll no (as specified in time lap 53.00min).

  • subroneel saha says:

    Okay! So if i want to start a similar campaign like you showed (“Call to this number to troubleshoot your PC”), what do i need to do? I have some contacts in Call Centers, who would love to get inbound calls for these kind of TroubleShooting Problems for a PC or Mac. Please let me know what can be the proper solution to it.

    • Subroneel, that’s an industry i haven’t explored.. And i am scared that i may be of less help in that scenario.

      But i have also heard that using these methods you can generate calls!

      Let me know if you are really interested, i can connect you with one of my students who is into this and may help you.

      But he would take consultation charge and also you would have to sign a non disclosure agreement.

      He would just give you the knowledge but you would have to implement it yourself. Let me know if that preposition interests you.

  • subroneel saha says:

    Hey Gaurav, The very point to raise the question is, in the video you showed a campaign which you are running for the ppv, but that very campaign is not showing any conversion even after making expenses for the campaign.So where is the incoming part for the campaign that you started with. Where as you mentioned number of time that it is the best source of generating conversation and ultimately revenue from it.If the very method has not yet converted to generate any revenue how could you call it to be the best practice.Please justify.

    • 1. This is little offensive sire.
      2. This is one of the best and very powerful sources, i still stand on it
      3. Conversions as i said are tracked in prosper which is a tracking system we use.

      Please refer to the screenshot for one of the campaigns.

      Hence JUSTIFIED !!!

      Please go through the videos carefully and frame your questions under the right section.. For e.g. this question should have come under advance tracking – where we track our campaigns and not here. I hope next time you will ask the right question at the right place after going through the videos PROPERLY!

    • Also if you were referring to the call campaigns, then as i said i do not do those campaigns. The landing page is generic taken from internet rather from boxofads. If you want to check such pages you can refer to the software, it’s also listed under PPV Resources section!

  • subroneel saha says:

    On Time Lap 55.09 min, you your account on 50onred and the conversion column shows zero conversion even after making ample expense for it.But you mentioned that the conversion ratio is good. In Spite of making Zero conversion how could u acclaim it to bre the best, when it is not adding value to ur revenue.

    And what is the tentative figure of the conversion ratio. Suppose if I get 100 PPV ,out of it how many will convert. Please let know the approx figure or the market trend PPV conversion.

    • It does not depend on market trend but the skill set you use. In 100 PPV impressions you may not even convert once. If you do 1000 PPV impressions then also you may not do even a single conversion. If you do 10,000 PPV impressions you may even then not convert if you are doing it wrong.

      But if you do it right then you may experience a conversion in 100 impressions. To be honest 100 impressions is a very small dataset.

      The basic method to evaluate a target whether it is worth continuing or not is to spend double the payout value on that target and check whether you got any conversion or not. If no conversions discontinue that target and test others. Once you find the converting targets then you can scale them up by adding similar targets.

      Also many at times i start with generic keywords and then check the referrers in the prosper which have converted for me. It gives me the domains which are performing, then i optimise my campaign by pausing the generic keyword and directly bidding on converting domains.

      Also as mentioned before the conversions are not tracked on 50onred as we do not connect 50onred with our affiliate network, you can do it but i never felt the need of it and also it becomes a little more complex.

      I just set my campaigns on prosper202 and link it with my affiliate accounts to track conversions. So 50onred is merely used for sending traffic and not recording conversions in my case. All the conversions are being recorded in prosper202.

      I hope this makes it clear!

      PS : We do not track conversions on 50onRed ; we do it in prosper202!

    • Also to clarify things a little further the campaign which you see the ad spend on is more and the conversion is zero. The campaign is not run by me, it is a shared account and the campaign was run by one of my students which i just talked about and the conversions can be recorded via call pixels for that campaign… Please refer to the screenshot i just managed to arrange from him.
      This should help answering your doubts!