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KEEP UPDATEDMembers only webinar 20th May 2015

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  • Ramesh Kothari says:

    Hi Gaurav, Where would I find the Videos of earlier classes please ? Unable to see here… May be missing something ?

  • subroneel saha says:

    Gaurav the topic of promoting of offer through direct linking and landing page is not clear.(exactly in the video from the time mentioned 1:13 min). It would we really kind of you if you could explain it elaborately how you promote different offer with different offer landing page and tracking url of Vcommission.com by both the promotional method.

    • Gaurav Madaan says:

      In direct linking, you just take the vcommission url and put it there in prosper… No landing page whatsoever required.. Check out this tutorial -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moqlJqSslHo (it’s mine only) and whereas in Landing page method you make a complete landing page and do it…. which is very clearly explained in the videos.

      I hope this helps!