Internet Marketing Guide

This article would serve as an Internet Marketing guide for beginners and advance people. The article would be focusing more on self hosted websites using a CMS (predominantly wordpress). I will be guiding you step by step but first let me help you understand the basics.


The Following tool creates great websites:

The very first thing that you would need is a name for your website, hosting to get your site online, a theme for the design and plugins for enhanced functionality.

Domain Names

To run a business in offline space we have to register a company name with government, similarly we have to register a domain name in the space of Internet to get started. It would represent the name of your business. Everything you type in your browser with .com or .net is the domain.

Always try to come out with a name which describes what a website does. Though this is not true now as abstract names could be beneficial in terms of pivot requirements when one is not happy with existing business model. – A blog to teach technology to beginners. – A website to sell goods to general public in India

Registrar Why We Like Them Price
NameCheap We always hear good things about NameCheap. Best out of the bunch! $3.98/Year
Domainia They have over 300 domain extensions and
a feature allowing you to preorder domains and get notified the moment they’re available.
1&1 1and1 offers free private registration, which is a nice gesture. Currently $0.99/Year
GoDaddy The biggest name in the industry and they earned it through customer service and frequent discounts. Currently $0.99/Year
iWantMyName Easy web service add-ons allow your small business to expand with less hassle. $14.90/Year

We have a lot of them in the industry. But my top recommendation would be Godaddy

Web Hosting

In offline space we need a place to start our business where we open our office/shop/showroom, similarly in Internet arena we need space to host our domain name. We can rent out the space for starting our website from the following providers.

My recommendation – Hostgator

WordPress Themes

WordPress helps you creating a website with no hassles of a designer, hence it is one of the best platforms i always recommend to people. All you need is one good theme and you would be done. And you will get them at these places.

ThemeForest Offers a ton of great themes with better prices. Starting at $3
Genesis Built on awesome framework & is easily customizable. $79 One Time
WooThemes You have complete design control and many custom options. $39 One Time
Thesis Theme You’re offered a ton of high quality design options for one price. $87 One Time
OptimizePress Allows us to create amazing membership sites, sales pages, landing pages & blogs. $97 One Time

My top recommendation – Optimizepress

WordPress Plugins

WordPress in it’s native form has a lot of disabilities, so to overcome every incapability we use plugins to enhance the functionality of our website. This really helps to leap a step forward and add the flavour of incremental traffic to our website.

WordPress SEO by Yoast WordPress SEO by Yoast helps your website get indexed by search engines and automatically makes your post/page URLs search friendly. It provides great SEO options for beginners to the more advanced SEO experts. Free
Disqus Disqus is a great community plugin for comments. Free
OptimizePress OptimizePress is a plugin that allows us to easily create membership sites, sales pages, landing pages & blogs. $97 One Time
Akismet Akismet is an effective anti-spam plugin that comes with WordPress, but you’ll need to register before it’s active. Free
WordFence WordFence not only locks out users attempting to gain access to your website, it also helps speed our site by caching all of our content. Free
PopUp Domination PopUp Domination is a lightbox email subscription software that helps you build an email list. We’ve heard from users that they have had increases in conversions from anywhere between 150% and 1100% $47 One Time
Gravity Forms If you want your site to convert users, you need contact forms. Gravity Forms is robust, easy to use, and integrates with almost any third-party service you could ever need. $39 One Time
EditFlow EditFlow an editorial workflow plugin for creating content that gives you custom statuses, a calendar, editorial comments, and more, all to make it much easier for your team to collaborate within WordPress. Free
ManageWp ManageWp allows you to keep backups including /wp-content/ and save into an external Backup Service, like Dropbox, S3, FTP and many more. You’re easily able to restore an installation with a single backup .zip file. $0.80/Month
JetPack JetPack is an awesome plugin with features to enable monitoring for site uptime, quick contact forms, social media integration, spellchecking, custom css editor, automatically creates mobile versions, pulls log data for traffic stats, and a ton of other cool things. Free
XML SiteMaps XML SiteMaps will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and to better index your blog. Free
MaxCDN MaxCDN significantly speeds up your site & decreases server load by duplicating your website content across a number of different servers worldwide, serving your visitors the content from whichever server is closest to their respective location. The increased proximity decreases the page load time. $9/Month

My Recommendation – Yoast, Disqus, Optimizepress and Pop up Domination

Email Marketing

The difference between a great and a normal website is the ability to convert visitors into receptive visitors and then customers. Email Marketing plays the greatest role in the entire customer journey.

Service/Product My Thoughts Price
Aweber Quickly create and run your campaigns with powerful, easy-to-use email marketing tools. I personally use Aweber and recommend you sign up and start your mailing list today! They currently have a $1 trial. $19.00
iContact The email marketing service that allows you to easily track sends, opens, clicks, and more! iContact is trusted by small businesses, fortune 500 companies, and 350k+ users! $19.00

I have been using a combination of Popup Domination + Aweber for my own website and would suggest the same to you.

WordPress Changes to Consider

Make your links & posts search friendly – Go to your WordPress Admin, click Settings and then Permalinks on the left side. Change the settings to Custom Structure and use the code /%postname%/

Choose the right page title – If your domain is and is about Street Dancing, then you don’t want your site title to be “55street” but instead something like “Learn to Street Dance.”

Build links & direct traffic – Find 5 to 10 of your best and most popular blogposts and display them proudly on your sidebar.

Hope this was an informative read, feel free to give your feedback.