How to install prosper202 from cpanel

How to install Prosper202 with Cpanel


Prosper202 is a free tracking software which can be used to do advance tracking. The best part about this software is that it is a self-hosted software which helps us to track and run campaigns.

Let me help you to install this software on your domain.

We need good hosting to start with, i would recommend you to chose your hosting wisely. Read my review on hosting for making the choice.

You can install the software either on a subdomain or a domain, depending upon your choice.

Step 1

Download Prosper202 software into your computer

Step 2

Uploading the software to the root directory of domain/subdomain.

  • You can do this by uploading the software via FTP
  • Yak can do this directly by your Cpanel as well by navigating to File manager and uploading the software there


PS: I am installing the software in a subdomain, if you are installing it in a domain then kindly upload the software in root directory of domain.

Step 3

Unzip the content of the software and delete the zip file


Step 4

We need to create a Database as Prosper202 is powered by a database.

  • Navigate to Database section in Cpanel and click on MySQL Database
  • Add a new database first as shown in the image
  • Then add a new user as shown in image
  • Further add the user to the database and give all permissions


Step 5

  • Go to the domain/subdomain on which you have installed the software
  • It would say to you that your PHP config file is not created, create one php file.
  • Enter y0ur database name and username along with password and you would be all set to go.

Many at times, it’s difficult to understand, so i am attaching a video for your reference to make it easy for you.

If you have any doubts, let me know.

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  • Saurabh Rawat says:

    hello sir,
    it seems to be a helpful software but can you tell how to upload this software via ftp?

    • It’s easy in that manner as well. You need to make a database first and then upload the software via ftp.

      Once uploaded you can easily connect it with your credentials and done!!