Instagram for Marketing

Instagram for Marketing – Best Medium for 2015

To follow up my Snapchat post, let me continue my discussion on attention. Most marketers fail to understand why Facebook acquired Instagram for such a hefty price?

Mark knew about the shift of attention from Facebook as a platform to others in the market which provide better quality newsfeed. Instagram is one such platform where people are having a non-disturbed news-feed.

This very reason makes it favourite place for most of the people between 20 – 35 age group. From a marketer’s standpoint Instagram has not yet evolved because of the following reason: –

  • We have photos which are non – linkable
  • Photos are a challenge in itself
  • We cannot place a link in the photo description to drive the traffic to our website, the only place where a link can be placed is in the bio
  • Advertisement has not started yet (Beta phase)

So it’s the fastest undisturbed growing social platform in short.

To help you crack the attentive platform, i would like to share few resources: –

These examples would help you formulate your story on Instagram.

Few tips that will come handy are:

  • Use good picture tools like Canva and Pic Monkey (Best picture editing tools)
  • Humanize the brand by having pictures of humans
  • Use the Check in option smartly, you can create check ins for Double tap which is a like on Instagram
  • Write big stories in copy (Insta is known to have a macro personality)
  • Engage with your community by organising Q&A/AMA using a unique hashtag
  • Use emoji’s in copy (this helps in increasing engagement)
  • Reply as quickly as possible to the comments
  • Cross Promote your account on other platforms

These are few tips that will help you sail your Instagram journey. Let me know if you have any questions.

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