How to Hire through Social Media

How to hire through Social Media


This is the startup special post on How to Leverage Social Media for better, quick and quality hiring. Most of the Startups don’t have the capacity to spend money on HR’s as a resource because of limited budgets. So hiring people is always a big concern. Let me help you decode the science of Hiring.

Whenever we do a startup, the major problem we face is that people are not willing to join because of startups uncertain stability in the market. To this we keep on crunching our head for solutions and references we can think of. And at last when we have no option left we take the route of either Consultants or portals like Naukri/Monster etc.

The strategy of going out and calling people can be best represented by the analogy of Marriage. For Startups if the head hunting is done by the later method which is portals like Naukri/Monster or Consultants then it’s more like an arrange marriage that the company is trying to do with Employee.


Ill Effects: 

These employees would be the ones who are in need of a job, but they do not have the passion or zeal to take the company to the next level. That means it’s a suicide for the Startup.

Alternate Route:

Follow these simple yet powerful tactics in order to hire better:

  • Maintain a wealthy presence on Social Networks specially on Facebook and Linkedin
  • Perpetuate the culture you have at the office on these social networks
  • Engage with your community

Now once done, of you have an opportunity at your office (since you long to expand) then use your social handles to do the job postings on these Social Networks and invite resumes or comments on the post.

Once you have those profiles with you, act smartly:

  • Use social media network primarily Facebook and Twitter to cross check the profiles of the candidates who have applied
  • Check their creativity and psyche in the way they behave on social media

Few observations based on their news feed could be:

  • If the person is just sharing others post – this implies he is less creative or intellectual
  • If the person is showing off in numerous ways (flaunting on social) – it implies that he is outgoing and open to the world (Could be a good engagement driver in Startups to maintain the lightness)
  • If the person is coming up with his opinions – This simply implies that he takes deeper interest in the surroundings which is exactly what a startup requires
  • If a person is complaining – This implies that action and complacency conflict may be there
  • If a person is asking for feedback on a particular topic – This implies he is receptive enough to listen to other’s thought
  • At last check the comments/replies he does – That would give you a clear cut picture of his rationalistic behaviour and communication skills
  • Check the movies he watches/books he reads – This will give a clear indication of how diverse is his interest and how wider horizon would the person posses

This can save you a lot of sweat in shortlisting candidates for interviews. Moreover these are people who have come to you because they saw the potential in your company. This can turn into a love marriage if executed properly.

PS: This method may not apply to each and every individual for the very reason that every industry has a different requirement but potentially Social is the best tool to funnel it down.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

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