How to Get Good Open Rates of your Marketing Emails?


On an average, a human receives 100 emails a day. With the decreasing attention span of People online – it’s difficult to get People’s attention.

And getting your that email to open in itself becomes a challenge because all you have is a fraction of a Second.

In this article today, i will cover how you can get more opens by grabbing your Customers/Subscribers attention even if you have a fraction of fraction of second.


What gets their Attention?

We have certain triggers that gets people attention on the email at the first look. They are:

  • A Subject Line
  • A Second Subject Line
  • Senders Name


These are the 3 triggers, which can help you get more opens.

Caution: I am assuming that your deliveries are high meaning that you are at least landing in the Updates or Promotions folder of your Customers Inbox.


Subject Lines

Well the holy grill of your entire email is the Subject Line & it is the single most important thing that will help you get more opens.

Subject Lines can be broadly categorised into 4 Different Categories:

  • Blinders
  • Benefit Driven
  • Proof & Credibility
  • Urgency (Scarcity)

These Subject Lines type helps to create curiosity or urgency into the Readers mind, which can really help them to open your emails.

It’s all about the Baits:


  1.  Blinders

Blinders means that we are using a Subject Line that tells nothing about the Email. Lot of times, we have seen in Buzzfeed Articles using clickbait saying – you would not believe what Mark Zuckerberg Did.

And suddenly it creates a Curiosity in your Mind.

Result – We tend to click on the Article to Read it.


A similar Principle helps in Emails as well.

Subject Lines like :

  • Shocking (Details Inside..)
  • The most important thing you need to do Today
  • I tried, but..

really helps to get their attention. And attention my dear friend is the key to more Opens.


2. Benefit Driven

In this category we are telling them What benefit are they going to receive by Opening this email.

E.g.1: “Build Your Email List 3 X Faster ”

Look at this SUBJECT LINE, literally telling the people about the Benefit. They are going to learn “How to build their email list faster”

People love it when they read the benefits in their Subjects.

E.g.2: “Step in front of massive Traffic!”

Again clear Benefit – How to get Massive Traffic Online

They are going to know where they can find Massive traffic Online which is required to achieve that much success in this Online World. We are giving them Right there in the subject line.


3. Proof & Credibility

Facts, Trust, Proof OR Case Study that enhance the credibility and Customers will be forced to open our emails.

e.g. “He was just on CNN”

Who he? It can be anyone but f amous & not only CNN does the trick you can use wise one according to your content but this way does the trick. Believe Me! I have used this trick & results are quite amazing.
Halfway Problem Solved.


If you use numbers they perform even better. e.g. “500 Leads in 24 hours”


4. Urgency (Scarcity)

Use where make sense! specially for closing a campaign. These types of email gives us MAXIMUM RESULTS . But we cannot use them all the time.

e.g. “WARNING: Final Email”
This is the final email they are getting. Period!


For any Product Launch or a Campaign, Bring out those last 24 hours Scarcity.

Don’t Overuse it. Believe me this will bring much More Results.



In addition to the above types of headlines, if you do these 2 Things, then there is a probability you will increase your Results.

  • Use Personalisation Tags – If you have users name, then please use that in the Subject line. It helps drive really great results
  • Use Emojis – With Evolving times, it’s important we evolve ourself as well. Emojis are ‘THE THING’ of 21st Century and it’s important to use them in your Subject Lines. You can use to copy paste the Emojis in the Subject Lines of your 📧

And always remember to send your emails at correct timings, mostly morning hours are best to grab attention right when the Office Starts.

Now that these Subject Lines have become our friend, it’s important to test them – mix and match them. The experimentation will help you to get your Winning Combination.


Second Subject Lines

Second Subject lines are generally the first line of your Email and they serve an equally important purpose.

Generate More Curiosity with them.

how to get more opens for your marketing emails

The one you see which is highlighted with a Pink Arrow is the Second Subject line.


Most of the Marketers would simply ignore this line, however it goes in conjunction with the Subject Line.

I tend to use this a lot and my email has a special format to accommodate second subject line as shown below.

how to get more opens of your marketing emails


Make sure to incorporate this Space for second subject lines in your emails.

And these second subject lines can be anything from Benefits to Urgency to Blinders… It really depends on the type of the email you are writing.


Senders Name

Last but not the least, Sender Name is really an important part of the Puzzle. It’s a Brand that will give users an Option to open your email.

People relate that name with certain expectations.

Many at times, your name could have been related to a ‘PROMOTION’ category in Receivers mind.

So it’s important you see the kind of reactions you are getting from the Receivers.

Based on that, Experiment in the Sender name and use one of the following:

  • Your Own Name (Gaurav Madaan for me)
  • Your Own Name from Company (Gaurav from HighOnM for me)
  • Your Company Name (HighonM or Geekotech for me)
  • Employee Name from Company (Roshni from HighonM)

So it’s a mix of different names that can get you to the Right Combination.


These are some of the Tips which you can use, i would be happy to hear your Results or Doubts.

Please post them in Comments below – I personally Reply to all of them.


Also, it would mean the world to me – if you take a Minute and share this Article. I would really appreciate it.

Gaurav Madaan

Digital Marketing Expert

Gaurav Madaan is Co - founder of Geekotech and HighonM. 

When he is not creating the Marketing Funnels, he likes to share all his learnings via Blog Posts.

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