how to do marketing automation in wordpress?

How to do Marketing Automation in WordPress?


According to Wikipedia,Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks.”


To automate the process of marketing time and again and sending emails repetitive number of times, algorithms have been designed in order to carry out this task by the machine. This buys a marketer, the time they require to be put to tasks that deserve more attention in his business.

The big question is – For whom is marketing Automation built?


To put it in plain and simple words, it is for every marketer who uses digital marketing as a tool. But the small and medium sized business have been found to be using it the most in order to grow in lesser amount of time. It is often confused to be some things that it is not.

So let’s first bust the myths related to automation marketing.

Myth #1

Not a synonym for email marketing.
It is because it comprises of marketing across all channels.

Myth #2

It’s a solution that is profitable to only the marketers.
Fact is, not just marketing, but it is also beneficial to the sales department, thereby increasing revenue.

Myth #3

Spam, spam and spam.
No. It’s a tool to connect customers as per their preferences.


After all this, there exists a tool that can help you many folds when it comes to automate the marketing efforts and save resources and time.

LeadsFlowPro is a tool that can help you with this daunting task and make it easier while it automates the effort. It can be easily understood as a train that stops at various stations for people to onboard and get down as well.

Let’s see what can it help us with and how.

1. Create a lead intelligence

If you know who your audience is and what exactly they need, what they want and how they react, you are put in a position more powerful than you think. LeadsFlowPro can help you by creating real time intelligence with every lead that is put through the system.

First and foremost thing you do here is create a page by clicking on the Leads Flow Pro option on the left hand corner. In the ‘General’ tab, select any type of page you want to make. Next move on to increase the security of your page. Under the same tab, there is Spam Protection. You can set the security settings as per your wish. This is mainly done to prevent your page from DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks or SQL Injection attacks.

The second step is to move to the ‘GeoIP’ tab. Download the database setting that is provided there. It helps to manage your database and track the geographical location of your subscribers.


Leads Flow Pro can help you by creating real time intelligence with every lead that is put through the system. This way you are able to see who your leads actually are and you can then rank and rate them as per your business requirements. The software also integrates directly with FullContact’s API and they let you see the details of your leads like you can see their Employer, Job Title, Location and all social media channels. This information is vital if you wish to make smart business decisions.
It can maximize profits by streamlining your business.

The ‘API Services’ is the core of what Lead Flow Pro does. This tab gives you a variety of features to get your business up and running. It gives you the flexibility to choose options from API campaigns, campaign monitor, Aweber, Full Contact, Wishlist Member, Memberhub, autoresponders and many more.

marketing automation in wordpress

This tool can simplify and streamline everything in your business. It works behind the scenes like a well trained staff that constantly makes efforts to increase the conversion rates by converting your visitors into customers.

It only requires a few minutes of your time to install it and once done, let it works like an autopilot and see the metrics grow with minimal efforts.

It is also easy to integrate with landing page builders, e-commerce stores and auto responders making it a smart marketing automation setup for wordpress.

Skyrocket your list building on autopilot

If you are looking to build your list really fast and efficiently, this software allows you to do just this. It requires you to connect it to any page builder in order to import the leads list into the required system.

How – When your customer purchases anything, the ‘Local Subscribers Database’ gives you an option to connect with them in order to help you gain knowledge about what interests them, what they are reacting to. By exercising this feature, you can build a hyper engaged list. Then you can integrate them with all of the other systems that you might use in your business. Once the list gets imported, it automatically gets put in the autoresponders list. It is for this reason that this tool is called the next generation tool of list building.

Professionalize your business and make it qualified

Any standard and qualified business carried on with professionalism has always attracted customers. This shows your customers that you take your business seriously.

LeadsFlowPro can act as a key and propel your business to success as it is connected with lead page systems and also open builder that is not just import your leads, but also pushes it into your dashboard.

The dashboard contains an option of ‘Pages’ on the left hand side which lets you edit how your page looks and lets you control things like what background video should be played and what text should be displayed on top of it, etcetera.

The dashboard carries the task of tracking the metrics with detailed analytics. It also displays the rate and score of the leads so that you can keep an eye on your success.

marketing automation in wordpress

Subscriber details information keeper

LeadsFlowPro is the perfect software for obtaining information about subscriber details and the real lifetime customer value. It helps you to track how far your clients have progressed with your products.

To Begin with LeadsFlow Pro, we need to make a Leadflow first. There are 3 basic types of Lead Flows as shown below:

marketing automation in wordpress

Depending on the requirement, we chose the Lead Flow. For ecommerce it’s pretty straight forward and for Leads Collection and Management “External Flow” is what we get started with.

Once done, now you will get a “html form code” which can be pasted on any webpage or sidebar as per your preference.

marketing automation in wordpress

Once you are done with your form placement, now anytime a person/visitor fills the information as requested gets added to a Local Subscriber Database

marketing automation in wordpress

Now it’s time to set up the flow of events that we want to be triggered once we get the details of the person. A sample flow created with Lead Flow Pro is as shown below:

marketing automation in wordpress

In this flow, i am sending an email instantly to the subscriber and then i am making a post request to Zapier and sending the data for my Zap via a webhook. After that i am adding the subscriber to my VIP List in aweber and then he is being sent credentials of the membership platform via “Wishlist Member”

Similarly one can create as many flows as one wants.

The best part about LeadsFlowPro is that, in every day’s busy schedule, it easily synchronizes with the mobile application and helps you track business campaigns, revenues and customer requirements on the go.

Streamline your funnels

If you knew that there is an easy way to automate and streamline the funnels, I bet you will never want to go back to the old method again.

This tool allows you to harness every ounce of profit by the leads generated and simultaneously optimize your sales funnel. A better way to put this is, if you are not employing LeadFlowPro, you are forgetting to collect a ton of money on the table. Worst of all, you are blind to that money too.


Easily connect to any lead funnel system


The concept of ‘Integration Everywhere’ of LeadsFlowPro is like synchronizing of all your gadgets under the hood of Google – everything available at all times across all your devices.

In the ‘Lead Flows’ option, you can find a ‘Flow End’ which has the first option as ‘Action’. Click on the drop down menu and you can see a ‘Return UUID (for implementing other plugins)’. This can be used for integrations into different platforms.

This software simply copies and pastes and if your system is capable of handling a form, you are all set to rock using the tool. The users have found it useful across all platforms like Aweber, Twilio, ClickFunnels, Igloo, Enagagifire, and many more. The simple way of making this a reality requires you to copy and paste the generated form in the system of your choice and you are set to enjoy the ride.

Automate key parts of the business


No matter where one starts a business, he faces the daunting task of repeating certain things that take up the valuable time that could have otherwise been put to more productive uses.

LeadsFlowPro can help you here by automating the time consuming tasks so that you can save time to focus on other important areas.

Need to generate more email subscribers? Checked.

Need more people to attend webinars? Checked.

Want to know who is responding via the lead magnet? Checked.

Wish to deliver bonuses for the next affiliate programs? Checked.


LeadsFlowPro is capable of all this and so much more. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on this opportunity to automate these tasks.


Be the boss of your data


SaaS platforms are good but think about the fact that you are better when it comes to handling and owning what belongs to you and only you. Imagine the trauma you will be put in if the hundreds of dollars are spent on SaaS fees and one fine day you wake up to learn that your account has been deleted. What happens to all your leads and data? Gone forever.

In the ‘Flow Components’ section, you have the ‘Local Subscriber Database’ option that provides you the flexibility to manage your own data without external help. Simply fill in the required fields that it asks you to.

Attain freedom from the SaaS prison by gifting yourself this tool that puts you as the sole owner of your data and leads and additionally lets you choose where and how to put them into action.


Templates beautify the work


The way something looks and the color it possesses creates a psychological impact into a persons that compels him to buy. The conversion experts have finally realized this and this has been put to use by making the templates more eye candy so that you can save up on the cost that you used to pay the designers who helped you with conversions.

The ‘Optin Templates’ tab provides some of the most perfectly crafted templates by the Leads Flow Pro team. Give the page a look you wish your visitors to be greeted by. It helps you save by simply allowing you to add and customize the templates, and add them to your sales funnel so as to increase conversion rates.


Know your customers’ needs and wants


Isn’t it smart business if you tell your customer what exactly he wants and then satisfy his need on his agreement?

LeadsFlowPro empowers you to know your audience better and act accordingly. Till today, the world has never witnessed this easy a mechanism that helps to develop a relationship and establish a deep rooted connection. The trust that you build is the key to long term relationship with the customer that grows your business and helps it attain the repeat business tag with your customers.



In the world of marketing, without a doubt, LeadsFlowPro is the best tool for marketing automation in WordPress. Having stated everything above, it truly deserves the title of ‘Lord of the rings of marketing automation’, or in simple words, it’s one system to rule them all.

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