How to build a Facebook Fanpage from scratch to 1 million fans


I guess the most asked question i have had in my journey of training people is that How do i get the initial Facebook 1000 likes? So to sum it up i am writing this piece and it should be your go to guide now to build Facebook fan pages the real way. Let’s read through the initial strategy and post the infographic i would list down the advance strategies on scaling the page up.

Once you have reached your first 1000 likes now is the time to scale it up and reach to more no of desired audience to build up something massive which can get you continous traffic for free in future.

Scaling it up for more likes?

Now the next thing is to go a little more strategic : –

  1. You can automate the process by joining the groups of your industry and start posting regular updates to these groups. The ploy should be first engagement by asking 2-3 questions and then posting content that drives them to your Facebook fan page and then getting more likes via pop ups (the best asset – i just love them). You can use Engagifire to achieve the same.
  2. Now is the time to call it loud and ask for help from your friends and family. Just do a little request to ask them to like your page and share it on their wall to spread the word. Make sure when they are sharing it they should mention the benefit of liking the Facebook fan page they would get.
  3. Once you reach almost 4000 likes through these mixed methods now is the time to make it more aggressive. Go for a Shout in Shout out campaigns. You can do this by reaching out to pages having similar kind audience affinity as is yours. You can even go for cross industry pages if you feel that they would potentially have the same audience. Reach out to them and drop them this message as written below. 
Hey 'Admin'(replace by name if admin name is public), I wanted to write to you in order to enquire about your interest in Shout out Campaign. I feel that the audience of your page is similar to mine and may have interest in the content that i publish. I also feel the content of your Fanpage is going to be really admired by my audience. So i was thinking if we could do a shout out campaign in which you share my page on your Facebook fanpage and vice versa. This would mutually benefit us in getting more exposure and build our brands. Page Details : - Page Name - YYYYYYYY , Page Likes - YYYY , Page URL - 

Do as many Shout out campaigns as you can, as this is going to get you free audience and you can really take off your page.

Remember don’t stop advertising as advertising is really going to take you to unexplored fans and as your page grows you start getting likes in pennies meaning the cost goes down significantly, 

PS: – You should also share a lot of viral content like memes, fun videos in your niche (don’t forget to manually download and then upload on facebook to get maximum exposure, don’t just reshare), various social campaigns done by various pages. Share them on your webpage by giving credits. Logical Indian does a fantastic job in doing so, check it out.


Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below, would be happy to answer them.

Source: How to Get Your First 1000 Facebook Fans

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