[Case Study] How I made 3138$ in Affiliate Commissions from 1 Single Product


Product Name – Engagifire

Affiliate Network – Jvzoo

Target Audience – Anybody who had a website

Methods Used – Email Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Webinar Pitch

Well this post is my first affiliate marketing case study and first is always most interesting and exciting.

I was following an Internet Marketer known by the name Luke Peerfly and was subscribed to his list. He emailed us about this new tool called Engagifire – which can help us to show a pop up to visitors abandoning our webpage.

luke pearly email on engagifire

I wasn’t sure of the product as i already owned a similar one called Pop up Domination. To this i replied back to Luke asking about the plugin and he said this is going to be a game changer (Obviously he was trying to sell it to me as Luke is still using pop up domination on his website to collect leads).


But somehow he sound convincing on the email and i was sold. I used the tool and generated crazy amount of leads on my website.

my best engagifire campaign

This is one of my best engagifire campaigns so far and indeed it was a game changer. I collected a lot of leads.

Cost of the tool was around 210$ in total and was one of my highest spend on a tool till that time.

Let me come back to how i got into promoting this product to my set of subscribers.

The time i purchased the tool, it was one time payment only. I received an email from Tom and Stuart – the creators of Engagifire that the tool is changing to monthly subscription.

Engagifire is changing to monthly subscription

So i thought since i am fairly confident about the product so i should take this opportunity to promote this product. So i set forth to do a sequence of 3 emailers (my most favorite number whenever i do an email campaign).

All 3 emails were sent out at a regular interval of 24 hours.

Part 1 of 1st Emailer : 

emailer 1 - engagifire

Part 2 of 1st emailer :

email 1 part 2 - engagifire

Well this email gave me some fuel to be honest as it got me crazy sales on the day of promotion.

List Size – 2400

Open Rates – 15%

Click Rate to Offer Page – 3%

Since it gave me good results, i drafted 2 more emails and did a great promo to close this!

Then i was approached by Stuart to extend his thankfulness since i did a great promotion to sell his product.

Facebook Screen of Stuart from Engagifire

This got me thinking and i thought i could easily do some upsells through a webinar if i can get Stuart to be a part of it. So i extended my invitation to it (I know i am good at webinars so wanted to use my skill and take advantage of this opportunity.

Screen 2 of Stuart from Engagifire

It was this Facebook Chat that got me an exclusive one time webinar offer and i was all set for my second round of bullets.

Email Invitation for the Webinar :

Webinar Engagifire EMailer

And hence i did a webinar on Lead Generation + Engagifre. It was a great promo again and i pushed 10 more Webinar only sales to Stuart (On Jvzoo and 3-4 directly via PayPal as some Indians didn’t have access to a Credit Card and they deposited directly to my account)

At the time of closing the webinar, i sent multiple replay reminders (3) and 2 closing emails to get the final closing sales.

In total i was able to make a total of 70 sales along with Upsells and earned a hefty commission of 3138$ from this sweet promo.

Engagifre 3138$ in affiliate commissions

Well indeed i learnt a lot from this promo and also earned a lot indeed.

So to sum up the entire case study, the promo included somewhere around 10 emails, 3 facebook posts and 1 webinar.

Screens from Facebook Promotion :

Engagifire Facebook closing postWebinar - Engagifre

I really enjoy promoting great products and indeed this was one of them.

To end this, if you would like to get access to Engagifire One Time Offer, you can get it here.

PS : I am open to sharing more details if anyone wants it, make sure you ask it in the comments section below.

PPS : If you learnt something out of this case study, then please leave a comment and share it with your friends – i would really appreciate that.

Good Luck with your Affiliate Promotions!

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    Thank you for sharing your case study, I found it very informative and it highlights how marketers need to invest in their resources in order to make positive in roads

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    Which geography you target?