Beginners guide to Email Marketing

An Introduction to Email Marketing Strategies

If you are a beginner in Email Marketer then this Ebook is for you
  • Learn the Art of Crafting Lead Magnets
  • Get an Introduction to Autoresponders and How to Use them 
  • Learn about most important metrics important to your IP Reputation for landing in the inbox
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From the Desk of Gaurav Madaan
Trained 2500 + Professionals in Digital Marketing
Earned 25,000 $ in Affiliate Commissions through Email Marketing
Built a subscribe list of 1,00,000 people in the domain of Internet Marketing 
Gaurav Madaan
Co - Founder of Geekotech, Inc
Gaurav Madaan started his journey in the field of Digital Marketing in 2009 and since then he has helped a dozen brands to expand their business in Digital Space. Post Consultation Gaurav trained 2500+ people in the field of Digital Marketing.
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