how to get approved for Affiliate/CPA network if you are a newbie

How to get approved for CPA/Affiliate Networks if you are a Newbie?


Every newbie in the Industry face this, but these magic answers would get you through almost any Affiliate/CPA Network..

CPA’s act as middlemen between affiliates and merchants looking for people to promote their product or service. Getting approved is not difficult, but due to lack of experience and guidance, beginners provide novice answers which gets their approval rejected. Listed below are the most common questions asked by CPA networks to newbies and how to answer them like a pro.

1. What is your website?
You need to be honest. CPA’s don’t intend to filter out newbies, instead, they intend to filter out spammers. So if you have a website on which you plan to run ads on, then you can share it. In case you don’t have one, you can share the Facebook or LinkedIn page if your profile is public.

2. What is your vertical?
Vertical simply means niche. By asking this, they intent to know what you advertise? Beginners need to be honest enough to tell them that they are starting out and they plan on studying really well to test their vertical.

3. How do you plan to promote our offers?
There are a variety of options like Pay Per Click campaigns for driving traffic to your website or landing Pages if you have a website or SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization to promote the offers. You need to do your research well and know what are these techniques of generating traffic to their offers. For easiest answer you can write that you will promote via Facebook Traffic and Bing ads.

4. Will you be running indecent or incentivized traffic?
Unless the network is specifically designed for it or the offer explicitly states you are allowed to do so, you will not want to run an incentivized traffic on a network. Incentivized traffic is when you offer a bonus to the user when he completes an offer. This can be various things like points, prizes or cash, depending on your discretion. In begining, you can avoid this if you want!

5. How much traffic do you anticipate generating?
If you are a beginner, you never know how much traffic you will be successfully able to generate. So give them an answer like, ‘depends on your offer selection’. If you have not seen a network from inside, it is practically hard to tell the exact figure. But still for an easy answer, you can mention that you would spend an average of 50$ a day and traffic would depend on Targeting and Competition.

6. What’s your daily/weekly/monthly advertising expense?
The best answer is what you do practically and how it works for you. Here is a sample answer of what you can present. If the offer seems profitable, I can increase the expense from $10 a day to $50 a day. The best part is, you have more chances of getting accepted at this point of time. If you do not get any phone calls from them, you can contact them directly on their number asking about your application status on joining their network. This act of follow up shows that you are serious about joining them as you are not afraid to speak to them about it. Just one rule of thumb – be real in whatever you speak in the interview.

7. Experience or no experience?
Remember the rule that you need to be honest in whatever you are saying. If you are new to it, speak it and admit that you are yet to start earning from it and that you are studying really hard. Let them know if you have enrolled for any kind of courses or you are regular on some blogs or something.

8. What’s your budget?
This is a bit difficult to answer. But to be honest, if your budget is something like $100, then if shows your inexperience as a beginner irrespective of your interest towards it. Be bold and say something in the range of $500-$1000. This looks impressive on a newbie’s portfolio. Such numbers make them believe that you are ready for marketing once approved.

9. Do you belong to any other network?
If you are associated with any network, there is no harm in declaring it with name when asked. Mention that you are applying as you are interested to increase the range of CPA offers you can promote. Also let them know why you are applying. Tell them that you hold a very good reputation about them in your eye, so you are interested in working with them.

Getting approved for some CPA /Affiliate networks isn’t rocket science. Just follow the basic rules like having a good website or a blog as it creates a good impression. Your contact details should be prominent on your website or blog or landing page or wherever you wish to promote. Have a click to call button if possible. Do mention the terms and conditions, privacy policy and affiliate disclaimer pages on your promotion link.

Let me know if these were helpful in getting you approved into CPA/Affiliate networks.


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