Facebook Evergreen Funnel Scarcity Trick!


Evergreen Scarcity Hack

Ever heard of the 6 principles of persuasion?

These are the 6 principles (first described by Dr. Cialdini in ’84) that you can use to persuade people into becoming your customer (e.g. making sales).

They are: Reciprocity, liking, scarcity, authority, consistency and consensus.

From those 6, “scarcity” has been an important one in my business.

When you give people an option to buy, they might purchase… but when you “force” them to make a decision (because the offer / discount goes away), it helps a lot.

It’s human nature.

So how do we apply that inside Facebook Ads?

What’s the “How-everyone-is-doing-it-way”?

1) Have an offer on your site (can be anything, a service/product, etc).
2) Run a Retargeting Ad for those who visited, but didn’t buy.
3) The retargeting ad links to a sales page where you offer a discount on the product.
4) In that FB ad, you mention “The offer is closing tonight, be quick!” (or something similar)

That’s pretty clever, right?


It’s 2016. People are smart.

When we see an ad that states it’s “closing tonight” (while it’s running ever day) it’s not very believable. It kinda works, but  a lot of people don’t fall for that (especially if there’s a bunch of comments from other days before that – so it’s clear the ad is running every day).

Well, imagine the exact same scenario as above… but this time you’d say an ad saying:

“The offer is closing tonight (Sunday-night)!”

Because it actually mentions the day… it’s suddenly a lot more believable that it’s actually true (since other ads are not doing that yet).

The best thing is… you can set this up on complete auto-pilot (evergreen).

Here’s how:

1) Create your FB retargeting ad how you normally would.
2) Go to the Ad Set level, and duplicate the Ad Set 6 times (so you’ll have 7 of them).
3) Inside each ad set, you’ll change the ads to it refers to a certain day (ad set 1 = “Monday-night”, ad set 2 = “Tuesday-night”, etc).
4) On the “Ad Set” level, you select a lifetime budget (that’s required for this trick), so you can then run ads on a schedule.
5) Set the schedule for each Ad Set so that it only shows the ad on one particular day.

See the following image for step 4 and 5 (turn on images):

Evergreen facebook ad scarcity funnels

Super easy to set up, yet highly effective.


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