Facebook Ads Targeting tricks for Research


Facebook Ads Targeting tricks

IN this post i would be highlighting some of the methods which i have been using to do initial research on Facebook to target my audience. Probably these are the best Facebook Ads Targeting tricks which are unknown to most marketers.

Facebook Graph Search

One of the best ways to make big bucks on Facebook is by harnessing the power of graph search. It allows you to target in some really creative ways, which I’m going to show.

Facebook Graph Search can be used to create custom audiences, and laser target your campaigns. This is super powerful if used correctly. Graph Search simply means entering a search here:

Facebook Ads Targeting tricks

PS – Make sure your language is set to Eng (US), else you would not be able to leverage Facebook Graph Search.

Here’s an example: Say you wanted to find pages liked by people who like a specific page. This could be used to gain better insight into your audience. Say you had a page on a specific topic; you could run this search to see what other interests your audience had. This could be useful in knowing what to post, and promote on your page. In this example, I entered ‘pages liked by people who like [insert page name here]’.

Facebook Ads Targeting tricks

Example 2 – Find people who like a specific page. You could use this to target your ads to only those people. For this search I would run “people who like [page name]” which will return a list of people who like that page.

Facebook Ads Targeting tricks

This is cool stuff! Imagine if you have the perfect offer for people who like a specific page. Now, you have a way to market specifically to them. But wait, you want to get even more targeted? Yep, you can do that too.

Let’s try to narrow them with age group like the example shown below:

Facebook Ads Targeting tricks

You can include more Demographics searches like “Men who like missmalini” or with occupation “Marketers who like missmalini”

Not just this you can also understand about interests of people like in example shown below:

Facebook Ads Targeting tricks

This knowledge could give you ideas about what to promote on your page. You could also search:

Movies liked by people who like [page name]
Favorite music of people who like [page name]
Sports teams of people who like [page name]

Take some time to wrap your head around this, and think about what you could do.

Spying on competitors ads

Let me teach you another Facebook Ads Targeting trick to understand that how brands are targeting on Facebook? We can learn a lot from this trick and use it to target our campaigns.

First go to a sponsored post in your timeline – preferably the one which you want to understand targeting from.

Facebook Ad Spying

Now click on the arrow on the top right corner of this advertisement.

Facebook Ad Spying

Click on Why i am seeing this?

And here it is…

Facebook ad spying

This way you can see targeting of almost every advertiser. People target mostly on the basis of interests on Facebook and you just have to find the right one for yourself.

Facebook URL Operators

You can do a lot of competitive research through Facebook’s graph search. There’s an even more powerful way to do competitive research, let’s understand this Facebook Ads Targeting trick for research now.

First, log into Facebook.

Paste this into your browsers address bar (not the Facebook search box)


Pretty cool huh? What that shows you is posts linking to Teespring.com with the keyword ‘dogs’ in the ad. In this example I’m using Teespring, but you can change this to anything. You could spy on CPA offers, CPL offers to get a clue of how people are promoting their products and services.

Here’s a quick guide to using this. Just for example purposes I’m spying on Teespring.com and ‘dogs’, but again you can change this to anything you want. The parts you need to change are teespring.com to whatever destination url you want to spy on and ‘dogs’ to whatever keyword you want to research.


Here are some other ways to use this:

1. Posts this week


2. Posts in this month


3. Posts last week


4. Posts last month


5. Page posts


6. Photo posts


7. Photo posts last week


8. Photo posts last month


9. Photo posts last year


10. Video posts


11. Video posts last week


12. Video posts last year


13. Shared posts


14. Shared posts last week


15. Shared posts last month


16. Shared posts last year


I hope you see how powerful this is! Use it wisely.

Increasing your Facebook Organic Reach using Hashtags

In March i planned to do a case study to get to reunderstand the entire concept of creating a fan page and getting it to what it takes to make money on Facebook or get the desired brand engagement or reach for a specific Facebook fan page.

So for this reason i created a page named Game For Thrones

Though i could not complete my experiment which i desired because of other distractions but i definitely found something which a lot of people in my community can leverage.

Argument – Facebook has decreased the organic reach of Pages to less than 20%.

So i tried my hands at it. What i found is that it is 100% true that your organic reach is limited to 20% (maximum) if you post normally.

But if we make a little tweak our organic reach can be increased considerably. Consider this –

Page : Game for Thrones

Page Likes : 53

Potential Reach according to algorithm : 10 people (20%)

Results :

Scenario 1 – When posted things normally.


When i posted normally the expected reach was as expected pretty less ( around 20%).

Scenario 2 – When we post with relevant hashtags


Now you can clearly see the difference in the results between the two…

To validate this, i tried couple of more posts with same hashtags and results were good. On few of my posts i had a reach of almost 600 people with a fan base of only 50 people.

Now that is interesting to me.

Want to Learn more of Social Media?

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PS – You will have to test different hashtags in order to find the right one for your page, i got mine after couple of experiments.

So these few Facebook Ads Targeting tricks. If you have any doubts you can ask me your questions in the comments box below.

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