How to earn money via YouTube?


A wealthy person had once said that if you know what passive income is, you would walk through a brick wall to get it. And the very option of having it is right in front of our eyes, but we choose to earn it for others while forgetting ourselves. YouTube promises a great deal of wealth in it’s business plan, but only a handful of the global population can see the opportunity. Apart from being a great resource, it is also a great platform to earn wealth. Let’s learn the steps required to make YouTube a money maker.

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What exactly is needed to earn money via YouTube? Simple – videos, that you and I commonly know it for. But there’s more to it than just videos.

  1. Become a YouTube partner – You can partner directly with YouTube and split the revenue the ads make. This is inclusive of ads that are played during or prior to the main video is played. Convenience is the biggest advantage when you want to partner with YouTube.
  2. CPA marketing with YouTube – You need to select a niche, find some profitable keywords, make videos around those keywords and upload them that allows a higher ranking in search engines. This way traffic starts flowing and using this, you can drive traffic to the landing page of your choice. The landing page can have affiliate CPA offers listed and here is the place where money starts to roll in. For a detailed description, visit this site.
  3. Try freemium style – YouTube is a great place for lead generation for the paid services. The freemium business model can prove to be effective in creating sales for your paid product. It’s a simple concept. Give away a bunch of free content and hold back some really valuable content. Put a price for this valuable content and make money!
  4. Google AdSense – Enable monetization to make use of this feature. By accepting the rules, you agree to the condition that you will not watch you own video over and over again to boost ads and many more like this. Google AdSense is the way to set up your payment information so that you can claim it once you actually start making money.


But these are just a few small methods. The real one is making videos like the pros. So here is a guide on how you can make YouTube a money maker for you.

Let’s take a look at how much money the recent list of YouTubers has made in general (2016).

  1. PewDiePie – $15 million. Subscribers – 49756391
  2. Roman Atwood – $8 million. Subscribers – 10152692
  3. Lily Singh– $7.5 million. Subscribers – 10296350 (She is my favourite Youtuber)
  4. Smosh – $7 million. Subscribers – 22474510
  5. Tyler Oakley – $6 million. Subscribers – 8087829
  6. Rosanna Pansino – $6 million. Subscribers – 7398450
  7. Markipiler – $5.5 million. Subscribers – 15523276
  8. German Germendia – $5.5 million. Subscribers – 30317411
  9. Coleen Ballinger – $5 million. Subscribers – 7359094
  10. Rhett and Link – $5 million. Subscribers – 11545537

So lets not waste time and head straight to how you can make videos and monetize your efforts.


Create your channel

The basic requirement is that you need a Google account to start a YouTube channel. On successful sign up, you will be required to provide the name of your channel. This is the name you need to decide carefully as it should be easy enough for people to remember it. If it is a business you are running, the best name can be of your business. Then you will be facing a couple of questions and when you agree to the terms and conditions, you will be brought to the channel you created. Making a good first impression is important before you start promoting your channel. Make sure to have a great ‘Channel Icon’. If it is your business, upload the logo as your channel icon. Here are some tips you can follow to get the image right for your logo in YouTube:

Profile photo should be of size 800 x 800.

Channel cover photo should be of size 2560 x 1440

Custom Video thumbnail should be of size 1280 x 760.  


About Section

This is the section you get to describe what you or your business are up to. You should describe who you are, what you do, where to find you to get in touch. Make sure that you link all your social media links so that it enables people to follow you on other platforms. If it is your business channel, do not forget to link your business website.

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Channel Art

This option enables you to make your channel stand out from the crowd. This is YouTube walkthrough of the process. All the important details regarding channel art is listed here, like how your artwork will be displayed on various devices, televisions, etc. You should be careful to choose the channel art. Make sure you do not violate any copyright issues while using images and also take care that the images you use are of good quality. The best way to ensure this is that you check out your channel on other devices.


Make Videos

This is the part where you must be extra careful as ‘Content is King’. Your videos have the potential to attract people’s attention. If they like it, they will subscribe. Chances are, if your video is good enough, it might even go viral. The number of views on your videos bring you money. Here’s some tips on videos pertaining to YouTube:

  • Make it fun and interesting. Boring content will only drive people away from your videos before completing it, let alone subscribing to your channel. So, keep the viewer engaged from beginning to end.
  • Know your audience and think from their perspective. Think if it has to go viral, why will it? And most importantly, who will watch it?
  • Keep it simple. Every video need not express the whole story. You need to stick to the topic of the video and justify it. This should be done relentlessly.
  • It’s your video, so make it stand out. It should reflect the importance of products and services through your customer. So be the moon and let the customer be the sun.
  • Include a call-to-action button. It is a good practice to encourage viewers to do something after watching the video. And if you think it’s not important, why did you make the video in the first place.

Share the video across all the social media platforms. No doubt you video may be found through search alone, but sharing them gives you an opportunity to make your videos reach to a greater audience in lesser time. Those who are connected to you via social media are likely to appreciate it and encourage them to share the same if they like it.

Analyze your data after you have uploaded your videos on your channel. Analytics have shown that people often do not view the video till the end. So using these metrics, you can improve your video or the content that your video has for a better user experience. Check out this page for the detailed description on YouTube Analytics.

Don’t forget your audience once you uploaded the videos. Staying engaged with them is the key to long term relationship with your audience. Every interaction is an opportunity to make them your long term subscriber. This is how you get more views and this is how you make money.

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The most important part is videos. So make sure you are making videos on what you know  in depth. Just making video on any topic wont fetch you large number of views or followers to your channel. So knowing what you make or what the people will like is the best way to keep the viewer engaged till the end. Keep marketing your videos to increase engagement and repeat the process.


Here are some of the basic equipment you will need in order to make your YouTube channel a success.

  1. Microphone – This forms an essential part of the video as the audio that gets recorded has to be clear enough to hear and understand for the audience. Any noise or background noise gives a bad impression of the quality. So make sure you have a good quality microphone and the recording is done in a quiet place, unless the nature of the video demands it otherwise.
  2. Video Camera – This is the king of all equipment’s as this forms the eye of the viewer while watching what you want to show what you upload. Unless the video demands it to be extremely high quality, you can actually use a good smartphone camera that records in 1080p. Make sure the details you want to present has come of clear and does not require stressing upon.
  3. Video Editing Software – If you are using Macintosh, you can use iMovie and Windows Media Player for windows, but these seem outdated. So use Adobe Creative Cloud or Pixelmator. Make the necessary changes using the video editing features


Having done all of this, you can make quality videos repeatedly and see your income rise with time. Making a YouTube video and earning money from it was this simple, so be confidant and try it out. Once successful, keep the momentum going. Share your views in the comments.


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