DMVIP’s Podcast Ep 2 – The In’s and Out’s of Blogging


 Transcript of the Episode:

00:00                                           Hello? Hello, hello, welcome to Digital Marketing VIP’s podcast. My name is Gaurav Madaan and I’m your host and this is episode number two. In this episode we’re going to talk about blogging. You heard it, right, blogging. So without any further ado, let’s get started. Alright. Alright guys. So blogging today’s topic, What is blogging? Blogging is a method to actually write content on the website to help others actually gain knowledge about a particular topic or you know, help them answer the questions which they’re looking for. So that’s what primarily blogging means. You know, people take it all the way wrong because they think blogging is, you know, writing content and giving knowledge. But no, it’s not just about that, it’s about solving real problems. If you maybe having a question, you’re looking for an answer. So people go to Google, right all the time. Then they search, hey, you know, this is my problem and how to do this, how to do that, how to remove the back pain, how do go ahead and remove this particular thing, how to get this thing for free, stuff like that.

01:16                                           So blogging is actually a method to help people find answers to the questions they are looking for. That’s what really blogging is and you know, uh, to give you a background story. So back in 2013 when i started my first website which was a not really first website, but the third website which is And even prior to that, my, one of the websites which I was running what’s called, where we used to blog and they used to blog stories and at that time we were not aware about what really blogging is. And then further into the journey when we did Geekotech. So I started a technological technology blog. Now again, I wrote almost like 150 plus articles on the blog, but had a little less caption still, I, you know, one of them actually, one of the articles are those 150 articles did hit a fly or a home run you could say.

02:06                                           And it attracted one lakh readers, 100,000 readers for that particular article. So now the article said how whatsapp earns money, that was the title of the article. And you know, people were searching for this question, okay, they wanted to know why it is, why is what whatsapp giving everything for free for that is the reason. Like, you know, when whatsapp acquisition happened, a lot of people actually started looking after More answers of similar question. So I got like a crazy, crazy hike in my readership just because of that one article. So when you are actually going ahead and, you know, uh, really thinking through what to answer questions, which people are, which, which audience in your niche may have. Okay? So that is the right way of understanding blogging. Whereas if you see, you know, now there is another thing, blogging and now there is something called  vlogging, you don’t be, call it most of the youtubers do vlogging.

03:07                                           So now this vlogging is a concept that they’re not really helping people to be honest. Not all of them. Okay? But they’re just going ahead and saying, okay, today I went here in the Dubai today, I went here in US. I saw this mall, now I’m brushing my teeth. It’s not about that, it’s not all about that, you know, blogging with the purpose versus blogging with just, just without purpose or blogging with the purpose of blogging, simply blogging. There’s a lot of, lot of difference. And do you know the difference really comes in the results. If you actually answering questions which people are having, then you’re going to be a huge success and if we’re not doing that then you’re going to be just doing, you know, wasting a lot of hours writing stuff, doing things, but you would not be getting much of the results.

03:51                                           So that is part one of the story. So that’s a little bit about my background as well. That’s how I started with blogging and also, you know, uh, the second part which I would like to discuss about blogging is How can you fit blogging into your content marketing strategy to get more customers, buyers, you know, our sales or conversions. All right, so now imagine that I have a back pain. Okay? And No, I don’t have a back pain, but let’s imagine that. And what we’re doing is I’m going to and I’m searching a symptoms of back pain or not really symptoms but rather solutions to the back pain. How do I reduce my back pain? How do I get rid of my back pain? So I am searching for these questions now. These are called long tail keywords, you know, in terms of a search engine optimization.

04:40                                           So which we’ll discuss when we come to search engine optimization topics in future. But, uh, you know, when you’re talking about long tail keywords, so when people are searching this, the chances of you ranking higher is very high. Now, let’s assume a person from Google organic search comes to, sees your website ranking their clicks on the link and comes to your website. Now, as soon as the person comes to your website, his reading the blog. So what you can do is, as you know, a very important thing in online marketing is whenever somebody is coming. So right, let’s say once, he has read 75 percent of the article. Okay? You show him a pop up or um, maybe you know, you could say have a slide in or anything of that sort and tell him that, you know, do you want to keep this copy as a pdf video or you know, uh, I’ve crafted a, uh, solutions for x, Y, or z for reducing back pain in the next 10 minutes.

05:34                                           So these are the 10 exercises you should do things of that sort. Okay? So you could actually make a pdf out of it. So pdf can be made with using simple ms word, word, a office, and once you do that, you could actually deliver it with the help of tools. Like, you know, one of the famous tools which I could recommend to you is thrive leads. It’s really famous and amazing tool. A nondescript. It really, really does. A lot of stuff drive leads for wordpress blogs. Okay? And if you’re not using wordpress, then I would suggest you look at something which is called as a convert box. It’s also an amazing thing convert boxes are a great way to also do that same thing, or you could you look at wishloop for that matter so there are various products or tools which you can use to actually do this now, once the person is reading and has read 75 percent of the page, he has actually gained trust, are interested to know more is into the problem, uh, and he’s trying to find a solution.

06:35                                           So you bit him a solution in the form of a pdf and ask an email in return name, email in return. Now why would you like to really do that? Uh, asking for name and email in return via blogging is actually giving you an opportunity to give you an option to connect back to that person again. Uh, you know, when it was in future release a product which is an ebook on back pain, for example, an example. Okay. So it could be ebook, it could be a 10 part video course. It could be, it could be any kind of digital product or physical product. You may be releasing a let’s say ayurvedic back back pain oil, which the person can apply to his back and get relief. So anytime in future. You may be hoping to actually go your head and you know, releasing a product.

07:22                                           You already have a list of segmented and targeted buyers who would love to buy your solution because they trust you, you’ve helped them. Okay? So that is the reason why you need to build an email list. This is the number one mistake which I did when I started blogging for years. You know, I cannot tell you for almost four years at the beginning of my journey from 2010 to 2014, I was not building an email list. And that’s a sin to be honest. So now objective is not to disturb the person by showing hundreds of offers. The objective is to help a person understand that there is, there’s a person having a serious problem, you know, uh, and he’s, he, he probably is not able to move properly, or sit properly because of the back pain he is not able to work properly is, you know, he, he, his life is affected because of this.

08:17                                           So you need to be empathetic while you write things? Things you need to make sure that you go ahead and you give them a solution. And that’s really is the crux of blogging. All right? So that’s another way how you can include it in the content marketing strategy while helping people, you build your email list and then when you build your email list, what really happens is you go ahead and you further your journey and show him that these are the products which we have in the followup emails. This will actually help you to be better at what you’re doing or, you know, get relieved from back pain and stuff like that. Okay? So that is extremely, extremely important. And now understand if you hit the pain points right while selling your products with the day, with the hyper targeted list, your results are going to be extremely awesome.

09:07                                           It’s not going to be five percent, it could be even 50 percent results, you know, but the only thing is you have to make sure that you have a, you know, once we’re building, which we call us, give them the solution, please give them the solution and make them hyper responsive. All right? So, uh, that’s the part of bloginng which you can do. Now, next thing which I would like to discuss is how do you plan your content? Okay. So couple of things which you can do. So one thing that you can do is, you know, what we used to do as a exercise back in while I was in consulting, we used to actually build a kind of a brand, a brand guidelines. And in the brand guidelines we used to see who are the target people and what could be the questions they could be looking for.

09:53                                           You know, on, on Google, for example, at one of the client i could remember was crust and cakes, it’s a famous brand in Gurgaon, India right now. And if you, they sell cakes online. Okay. So one of the preposition we came out with was that, you know, whenever you deliver a cake, give them a wish lantern along as a, as a complimentary thing along with the purchase of cake. So that will actually bring back the customers to you again and again because they’re getting that extra wish lantern, which nobody else was really doing. That was one crazy idea. We did. Second thing which we did, is we actually created a content bucket for them. A content bucket means that, you know, we created, created what kind of content would go and we planned it ahead six months ahead of time. So for example, we said, who would be the people who would be ordering the cakes?

10:40                                           Either one, they will be bachelor’s in Gurgaon. Okay, second, uh, uh, it would be a, you know, people who are getting married probably. Okay. Then third people who will be actually are already married and they’re celebrating their anniversaries and stuff of that sort. And Parents who would be celebrating the kids celebrating the birthday of the kids. Right? So we rented the segment into four parts and, and what we did is we actually closely, uh, looked for what kind of questions they will be searching. So for example, a bachelor’s, young youngsters, so they, they, they would something like that, like, you know, how to make her, her girlfriend Valentine Day special. That’s just an example. And that was one of the article pieces actually. Uh, then we, we, uh, we gave them the idea seven ideas or seven great honeymoon ideas for that matter.

11:33                                           People who just were just newly married. So what, why are we really trying to help them, these, uh, with these things is because when they read the content of we are going to cross sell our services, we’re going to say we can, we are going to make your honeymoon better or aniversary better, you know, with crusting cakes and we deliver so and so services. So there was a 100% link between what we would writing and what we were selling as a, as a brand. Okay. So that’s Called a content bucket. So you need to plan it accordingly, according to the target audience, you need to really see what kind of voice you would be using a new content, whether the voice would be, you know, a very aggressive, whether it would be passive, whether it would be light bulb moments voices.

12:16                                           So okay, there’s a different kind of voice which you give to your writing. Okay. So, so when you start writing, you may not really realize what kind of voice you are putting to it, but then you know, some people write Motivational content, some people write a depressing content, some people write a light bulb, moments content. So that the different kinds of people in the industry who write different forms of content. So you need to be, you know, some people will write funny content, so the voice of your content has to be really, really. as per your audience. So for example, if you are targeting something which is a corporate audience, profiles, your Voice needs to be highly professional. If you’re, if you’re targeting somebody who’s actually GenX peeps, you know, genX Peeps all those cool shady people, you know the, you need to go ahead and you need to write funny content.

13:04                                           You need to add that yes to your content because when they read they should actually feel it’s, it’s a beautiful piece of writing. We would love to read again. That is the kind of feeling they should get. So normally, uh, you know, we spent, I spend even today like around two to three days planning and writing my content sometimes even seven days for one piece of content. So, and the only reason why I do that is because, you know, I have to make sure whatever, when I’m delivering as value should be great, should be awesome. If I’m not satisfied with the voice and the target fit, I’m just not going to actually release that content piece. So that’s something which is extremely, extremely important when it comes to the depths of blogging. Okay? Now another thing which you need to do as guys, you need to be consistent with blogging, specifically blogging or vlogging, you know, you need to be consistent.

13:57                                           You need to tell people when they can expect the next episode, okay? At what time they’re gonna, expect the next episode or what time they can expect the next blog post, what day, so they need to really, really understand which is what is the exact dates for that. And the reason why I’m saying so is because it builds up an anticipation and, and your fan following, if you do blogging and blogging, right? And keep them telling when, you’re going to release a new video as soon as you do, they’re going to be chunks of people for following you and they’re going to be, you know, uh, coming crazy to read or listen to your podcast. So that is something which will always happen, right? So make sure you actually have a calendar and not just have a calendar, but let your audience know when you’re going to post it.

14:42                                           Okay? So it would be an amazing thing to do that even what you can do is when you’re sending a particular blog post or a part of vlogging, if you have an idea of the next log you can even see next week in the PS little section and the email you could say that next week we’re going to do this or towards the end of the video again, say in the upcoming video are releasing on this date. So it’s just like building up an anticipation and you’ll have more readers, more viewers, more conversions, more money, more sales, more revenue, and what else you need in life right from blogging. So that’s a little bit about blogging. Okay. And uh, how, uh, how you get discovered via blogging is altogether in seo part of the content, uh, where we will be talking in a couple of sessions of what is seo and how to do seo for your blog and all those things.

15:32                                           So that’s all for today’s content. If you have any questions whatsoever with regards to blogging and if you’re an active blogger, if you’re not doing list building than probably start. And if I have any questions, please feel free to comment below. I would really, really love to answer your questions, you know, uh, and I would love to take your journey into the next level so that you become a blogging rockstar. Alright, so this is me Gaurav standing off and until the next episode, and I’ll catch you soon. Thank you so much for joining me. See you again. Bye. Bye. Have Fun. Happy blogging.


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