Competitive Intelligence Research


Back in time when i started Digital Marketing, i didn’t know what competitive intelligence research meant and why is it required? I was actually running my campaigns without doing proper research which made my Cost Per Conversion very high. Indeed i was a beginner then, but with time i have learnt my lessons and would like to share some resources with you today.


Q – What is Competitive Intelligence Research?

A – Competitive Intelligence Research is a process to track your competitor activities and understand what is converting for them. Learning from your competition and integrating those things into our campaigns for an optimised campaign.


The next question which i had in my mind was that how are we supposed to do this?

– So i started my research to understand the dynamics of research 😉

My findings yielded out some great researching tools, let’s get to it:

The very first research tools which i discovered was related to Search Network of Google, though not the best of tools but good to start with. The name of the Tool is THINK WITH GOOGLE

This is not a competitive intelligence tool but a tool to start with the industry research in all the domains Google is present.


The second tool which i found was SEMRush which helped me to find out the ads which my competitors are running on Google’s Search and Display network. But it wasn’t my answer as it never told me the best performing ads and neither the top placement. Also if i wish to know what are the top landing pages there was no clue.

I kept stumbling and reached out to few more tools which were better, to name them see the list below:

  • WhatRunsWhere – It’s a paid tool with monthly subscription
  • BoxOfAds – It’s a paid tool but great to know the landing pages and targets of Advertisers using few ad networks in US, Germany, UK etc.
  • Adbeat
  • Adclarity
  • Mixrank
  • iSpionage

But none of the above mentioned gave me everything at one place.

Finally i found a free tool which could help me which i was looking for.competitor intelligence research


Ever since i discovered Follow, i have been using it because of the following reasons: –

  • It’s a freemium tool and gives enough information in the free version
  • It’s takes the data from various sources mentioned above and compile it together at one place
  • I have been making tons of money by targeting the competitors methods
  • We can make different portfolios for different categories

You can SIGN UP HERE for the tool.

That is the reason i manage to get high conversions without much effort.

I hope you found something useful out of this read, let me know if you have any questions in the chat box.

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