How to Build 10,000 subscribers from your Blog in less than an Year?



Blogging is such a beautiful phenomenon in which millions of people on the Internet do every single month. But there is a big slip between the lip and the cup.

Let me explain :

I have a friend who is doing blogging for last 5 years (it’s his passion) and he has written almost 350 articles on his blog but he ends up making very less traffic and revenue from that blog.

The major reason is that he is doing blogging but he is not doing strategic blogging. Or rather his blog is not loaded up with Bullets.

Wait what kind of bullets am i telling you here?

Put simply in Internet Language, we call these things as Call to Actions. I have seen so many blogs who have traffic but they fail to retain that traffic and the biggest reason for that is they fail to put the right Call to Actions on to their blog.

Freebies or Call to Actions


This guide is about the Best Call to Actions places your blog could have. Even before that what kind of Call to Actions are we talking out here. Well, i am talking about FREEBIES, which will ask users to give away their email ids.

We call these things as Lead Magnets, To know more about them read this – A Complete Guide to Lead Magnets

There are a lot of Freebie Ideas which you can create as a giveaway on your blog namely :

  • Ebook (One of the Most Popular)
  • Report (A survey taken from people and converted into a Research Paper, Use Google Forms to take Surveys)
  • Exclusive Video
  • 7 Autoresponders Sequence in a Short E-Course
  • A Checklist
  • An Infographic

Chose one of the above-mentioned freebies/lead magnets and deploy the bullets on your Website.

Make sure you chose at least 2 Different Lead Magnets.


There are 7 prime locations where you can deploy a lead magnet, and collect the maximum amount of subscribers.

……. And obviously,y the biggest loophole in the blogging ecosystem is the inefficiently deployed CTA’s/Lead Magnets.

Many people would do it with the help of a pop up or a newsletter subscription widget either in Sidebar or in the footer which is the reason for not collecting enough subscribers.

But there are 7 different ways to deploy Call to Actions, please see below in snapshot.

Types of CTA's

  1. Pop Up – The very first and most favourite place for deploying your Lead Magnet is a Pop up (Technically termed as a Light Box). Use a Free ebook here and you would get some awesome results. Normally an average of 10% optins are recorded on Pop Ups.
  2. Fly In – What better than a fly in from RHS to an engaged user? Well, this one speaks more to an engaged person who has scrolled the page to an extent of 80%. This visitor has a very high chance of getting converted.
  3. Below Post – “All well, if it ends well”, is a very well known statement. I must say this is pretty powerful and would be best utilised if offered a short 7 day E-Course. This can almost double the no of leads you can collect.
  4. Inline – One of the most noted personalities in Online Marketing named “Neil Patel” uses this to perfect attention. He uses 3 different Inline banners inside his each and every post. The copy on Banners is pretty engaging and new i must say or rather unique grabbing the attention of users as they read through. Again this can increase the no of hits to the Core Offer of your website or your Lead Magnet.
  5. Locked Content – Many at times i have seen people locking the entire content and asking for an email id before accessing the content of the webpage. More or Less it acts like a Lead Magnet or Good Content Landing Page. I would not recommend using this but still can be very lethal to collecting more subscribers for your website.
  6. Widget (Footer or Sidebar) – Well this is one of the second prime locations used almost by every website on this plant to increase their subscribers. But the problem with many bloggers is that they only implant a Blog Subscription here and not a Lead Magnet. Make it Vertically big and offer a lead magnet here for best results i must say.
  7. Banner on Top – There are many reports on the Internet which says that a banner on top normally gets the highest CTR offering one of the highest revenue. Without any doubt, this becomes the favourite place to reflect your Lead Magnet.

These 7 positions can be very useful when it comes to getting the maximum out of your Visitors.

I use Thrive Leads for my Website and would suggest you to use the same.

=> Explore More about Thrive Leads Here!



The last part of the entire sequence is Traffic, one has to drive targeted visitors to the website. There are 2 ways to drive targeted traffic to one’s website.

  1. Inbound
  2. Outbound

Inbound- Inbound simply means when a customer searches for a query on search engines and discovers us as a solution to his query or maybe the person discovered us from somewhere else and reached us that’s called Inbound Traffic.

….. the easiest way to do Inbound Marketing would be to write tons of valuable content and let people discover you via search engines.

Outbound – Outbound simply refers to you reaching out to your prospective customers via paid mediums like Facebook, Google Adwords search and display, or any other form of reaching out activity.

This method gives you instant traffic and rewards, hence this should be our first step and then one could work on Inbound mediums.


Your 10,000 Subscriber Calculations – 

Per Day Targeted Traffic to Website – 600 Visitors

Average Monthly Traffic = 600 * 30 = 18,000 Visitors

Average Yearly Visitors = 18,000 * 12 = 2,16,000

Average Optin Conversion Rate – 5%

Total Subscribers = 10,800

So if you can achieve almost 600 visitors per day on your blog, you can easily build a list of 10,000 subscribers in an year!

What do you think, can you do 7000 visitors a day? Let me know in comments section below for any clarification!


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    the time. jamil douglas jersey youth

  • Amit says:

    Yes we can, which is the best medium to use for outbound marketing? Facebook or Google?
    Which type of campaigns we can run?

    • Gaurav Madaan says:

      The Best Medium for Blog Post outreach is Facebook, and a normal Clicks to Website is a good Campaign.

      Just be sure to pixel each visitor so that you can remarket them 🙂

  • Aman says:

    Hi sir, I also have a blog related to maths questions answering. I want to provide a free maths tricks pdf to the visitors and want to collect their name and email id. Which tool should be used so that when a visitor enter his email id and name ….then first email should be confirmed and then the pdf is downloaded automatically. But main important is email first verified by visitors and then pdf is downloaded automatically. So please suggest me which tool should be used.

  • Musthafa pa says:

    Yeah!, I loved your approach to collect emails. I already heard about freebies.

    But I really didn’t knew how to implement those to collect emails. Thanks a lot.

    Just one question?
    How can I find some ideal non competitive keywords to rank my article?
    Your answer will be appreciated!!

    • Gaurav Madaan says:

      You have to find Long Tail Keywords in your Niche using a Keyword Tool like Uber Suggest.

      The more detailed you write and do SEO, the better the ranking.