Betting Big on Snapchat


Marketing has evolved into a new ecosystem altogether. You must be wondering yes we have become digital and so our ways of communication have also changed. No i am not talking about that, it happened in 2010. I am talking about the next advancement here.

Once upon a time when i created my email account, i was so keen to read out my first email. I rather read every single letter of that email. So what marketer’s did was ruin my email house by continuously bombarding me with the promotional emails. Then i got a new house called Facebook and i was so happy watching my friends activities but then suddenly marketers flooded it with their promotional offers. 

That is when consumers decided to filter things in email and then to add on it was followed by tab segregation in gmail. Hence email open rates went down considerably and effectiveness was taken aback.

“Snapchat is just like the first time email today.”

Attention Game:

If i talk about one thing that is missing from every medium of communication is attention. To give you the context we browse our Facebook newsfeed by avoiding noise, we watch videos on Youtube by skipping advertisement, we watch television by skipping the channel at the onset of an advert. All that the audience is doing is reducing the clutter(noise), hence making the advertisement/marketing less effective.

Snapchat wins the attention ball game, by making the user see the content by having him hold the content and making it exclusive for few seconds only. So when a user see it – he actually sees it.

Audience Group:

Currently Snapchat demographics is distributed between the age of 18 to 27 making it the favourite spot for youngsters.

Why Marketers Should chose this platform?

  • More than 100 mn user base
  • More than 400 mn snaps sent daily
  • Only 1% of the marketers are using this platform as of now so less noise

This would make winning easy. So according to me this is going to evolve in the coming time because of the creativity and exclusivity it has created in this niche.

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