Best wordpress membership plugin

Best WordPress Membership Plugin

A wordpress membership plugin would enable one to create a website with restrictions on users to access pages on website depending on their level of subscription.

Why would one need a membership website?

It could be because of the following possibilities : –

  • You have a course to sell
  • An ebook to sell
  • You want to build a community and want to give access to those who only pays for it
  • Not make your content public for some reason

Possible Options for WordPress Membership Plugin :

There are 2 good options for making a membership website in wordpress :

  1. Optimize Member
  2. Wishlist Member

Both the plugins are widely used for creating membership websites, but i was able to find a solid bug in Wishlist Member because of which i would not recommend Wishlist Member. Also there are several other reasons why OptimizeMember is the best wordpress membership plugin.

WISH LIST MEMBER : Its a suite for making membership websites, that’s the only feature Wishlist member offers.

best wordpress membership plugin


OPTIMIZEPRESS MEMBER COME OPTIMIZEPRESS SUITE : Optimizepress is a complete marketing suite and offers you to make not just membership functionalities but beautiful landing pages or membership pages as well.

best wordpress membership plugin

In comparison with the prize and features, Optimizepress is clearly a winner any day.

The Big Lope hole in Wishlist Member wordpress membership plugin [SEE VIDEO BELO] :

So after watching this video i believe making a decision would be a cake walk for you.

My Suggestion :

Don’t fall for Wishlist Member as that could cost you a big fall in revenue if a smart person like me figured the loophole or read this post. Having said that, i have been using Optimizepress for my websites for longer than i remember and it has never failed me.

So go for Optimizepress taking my advice.

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