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Best Email Marketing Solution

You must have heard that the money lies in the list. Back in time when i started blogging, i never used to collect emails and i have even had long discussions with Kunal (DSIM Founder) that how email has been outperformed by Social Media. But then i looked over my Google Analytics and saw that my Repeat visitors percentage was only 9%. On top of which i was losing a lot of traffic.

So i realised that it’s high time now and i need to start building my email list. And hence began the search for the best tools to accomplish the task.


I started my journey with mail chimp and collected quiet a lot of subscribers to begin with but then my account got suspended because i tried sending an affiliate link (Facepalm). I lost all my subscribers and had to start over. So basically Mailchimp hates Affiliates.



After a disappointment, i signed up for Aweber, one of the most amazing tool i have ever used by far. In terms of interface and capabilities of autoresponders along with forms and integration facilities. It’s a wow service. On top of it, Aweber loves affiliates. It’s a Double opt in service which helps protect against spam protection. I have not had a problem with aweber ever since.

To start with Aweber gives a free one month trial and has a costing of only 19$ to start with upto 500 subscribers. Once i had set up my Aweber, then came the time to increase my signups for increasing the list size.


At the onset i was using a normal sign up form from Aweber wordpress plugin but my signup rate would be very less. The next thing was to optimise my sign up rates for better and fast list building.

Build your mailing list with Pop up Domination

After researching for long i found one plugin which could help me to optimise my sign up rates and up my game in email marketing. PopUp Domination is an amazing WordPress plugin that will generate a modal pop up for you so when new users visit your blog their attention is drawn to a window asking them to subscribe to your mailing list. You must have seen one on my blog, i have been using it for a while now. It’s likely if you have subscribed to my newsletter than you must have done it through pop up domination.

It increased my opt ins rate to 80% from 10%. This is huge, i mean amazing experience – 800% growth in list building. By using AWeber and PopUp Domination I am able to get new subscribers on a daily basis and in the past week alone I have made enough money from my list to pay for AWeber for several months. Building a list is essential in building your online presence and take it from someone who has been through it, start early and use the services that will allow you to build up your list long term.

Few Templates of Pop up Domination:


Template 1



There are approximately 30 different templates that can be bundled with the purchase.


In conclusion, AWeber is an awesome email management service with great features and pretty good prices. PopUp Domination is $47, but it can help you build your email list through the roof and it shouldn’t take you very long to make your initial $47 investment back. Combined, they’ll be just what you need to build a great email list and start your career in email marketing.

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