Analytics over Google Analytics

Analytics above Google Analytics


It’s been a while that i have been using Google Analytics and that’s what is the standard of most the biggest Indian Brands. I was shocked to know this that even commerce companies use GA for tracking purposes. But because of the inconsistencies and limitations it offers, i have been pissed of the entire algorithm.

Also it cannot help us to track our affiliate campaigns which are normally direct linking campaigns and i do not have access to any of my offers thank-you page. To overcome this challenge i was looking out for alternatives.

I had 3 basic options to start with tracking: –

  1. CPVlab
  2. Voluum
  3. Prosper202

CPV Lab – This is one of the best option to track your affiliate campaigns but still the problem has been there in terms of sophistication it has. It is the favourite place for most of the marketers out there, but since it is paid – i was not yet ready to shell out money on that platform.

Voluum – The second option which i had was to use Voluum, according to the review of some of the great affiliates out there – this serves as the best platform for tracking because of the ease it provides to people like us and the expense too is taken care of. It costs us starting at 99$/month and your cost would go up if you want to track more number of events. But i was not yet ready to shell out money on this platform.

Prosper202 – The third option i had was prosper202 and it gives us tremendous options to track from anything to everything. The best part is that it is free of cost and we can host it on our server with any problem of sharing data with a third party. This makes it the invincible choice for most of marketers like us because we don’t want to shell out too much money on softwares. Else what will we ultimately earn.

To my surprise we can do everything with Prosper202 – that is available with Voluum or CPVlab but the only pain is that it is a little manual. We can do Geotagging, we can block ip’s from seeing our landing page and much more.

If you want to start with Prosper202, then i have made a tutorial for your ease.

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