Adwords Winning Strategy – Upto 10% CTR via Skag Adwords


A lot of people come to me and ask that their CTR for adwords are too low and the reason being they do not use skag adwords which Single Keyword Ad groups. What should we do?

skag adwords

To this my obvious question comes which strategy are you using?

Most of the people whether certified or non certified play with one simple strategy i.e. they have multiple keywords in one adgroup followed with 2-3 ads.

I fail to understand when Google clearly says that relevance is the biggest metric then how tough is it for other to understand. If you have a quality score which is less than 7 then you are going to struggle in your CTR’s.


Keeping relevance at the top of our heads, let’s understand the winning strategy.

SKAG (Single Keyword Adgroups) : For an unbelievable CTR one should chose SKAG adwords strategy, let me explain.

Whenever you sit to make adgroups, make sure you are using One keyword (with 3 variations) in one adgroup followed by 2 text ads.

For eg: –

If i had to make an advertisement on Game of Thrones Merchandise.

I would be using 3 different variations of this keyword namely:

  1. Broad Match Modifier keyword = +Game +of +Thrones +Merchandise
  2. Phrase Match Keyword = “Game of Thrones Merchandise”
  3. Exact Match Keyword = [Game of Thrones Merchandise]

Adding these 3 keywords to the same adgroup and post that creating 2 lucrative ad copies along with 10-20% discount tag.

How will skag adwords strategy help us to win in Adwords?

Since the biggest parameter in Google Ads Algorithm is relevance, so what we did is simply took advantage of their match algorithms.

When someone searches for the keyword, Google looks for the exact matches or close matches in it’s database, if there is an exact match search ad available in their database it would pull off that and if not then the close match adverts would be shown.


A lot of you would start with the argument that Relevance is not just about this trick.

Very true the other obvious measures needs to be in place namely:

  • Your text advertisement should have the same keyword in headline and copy
  • The keyword should be present in Landing Page
  • The offer should be lucrative

Provided the above steps are taken care off, you should crack great CTR’s. To show you the stats from one of my own campaigns refer the image.

skag adwords

You can notice the High CTR in one of my advertisements.

You can clearly see the CTR is as high as 9.11%. People are still struggling at 4-5%.

Another question that comes to me is that we have 1000 keywords for our website/landing page. How do we maintain the quality for the same + will we have to make 1000 Adgroups for it and minimum 2000 ads for it.

The answer to that question is also fairly simple.

Yes! You would have to make 2000 ad copies and 1000 Adgroups with variations of keywords and if all the keywords are for same landing page, then i would recommend you to make few different landing pages with the respective adverts keywords included in them.

So much effort for just CTR or skag adwords strategy has something more special?

Nope it’s not just the CTR, ultimately you spend lesser per bid if you have good quality and response from audience. If you could see the above example, i am paying somewhere close to 29 INR. On the contrary the bid rate for the same keywords in the market is around 35-40 INR.

I am paying less because of the quality i have maintained.

I wish you luck with your campaign, if you have any doubts you can ask me in the comments section below.

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