The Penultimate Guide to Become
Facebook Ads Expert and get
unlimited Supply of Targeted Traffic 

  • Master Facebook Ads
  • Give Facebook Ads Service to Clients and Get Projects
  • Get High ROI on every Ad you Run
  • Master a New Skill and Get a Promotion
  • Sell T-Shirts, SAAS Apps or anything you want Online
  • The $10 Traffic Plan for Unlimited Leads and Sales

INR 999/- Only

  AdsLift helps in:

  • “How to run Ads on Facebook like an Expert!”
  • "Better Retargeting of your Prospects & Customers"
  • "Earning More by Spending Less on Facebook Ads"
  • "Better SCALING of Ad Campaigns"
  • "DFY Templates for Better Conversions & ROI"


  allows you to promote your Business

  to Large Audience by doing Detailed

  Targeting that you never thought of

  & now you can advance this skill-set

  by having AdsLIFT.

( And You can TOO by learning from AdsLift )

Inside AdsLift, you will learn:


     Learn the Lingo


      Learning Facebook & its History   

      along with some commonly used

       term required to understand the

      process & techniques used.

     Organic Traffic vs Paid Traffic


        Traffic is the essential part as they

      are everything for our Business

      either Paid or Organic. You will

      get to know the right difference

      between them here.

      Traffic Temperatures


       You will understand different

        types of audience on Facebook -

        Custom Audience & Lookalike

        Audience & will learn how to

        target them individually by

        building Brand value.

     Crafting Best Relevant Ads


        DFY readymade Templates to 

        USE & get better impressions on

        Ads & also you will learn how to

       make best relevant Ads according 

        to specific Traffic & How to win

        the Ad real-estate by competing

        others with an Art.

      Choosing a Right  
      Marketing Objective


        Step by Step Process explained to

        get the best Output in terms of

        ROI by choosing any of the

        marketing Campaign in Facebook

        Business Manager either for

        Conversion, Reach, Leads, Video




    Our Goal here is to get the buyer to 

     ascend in the customer value journey

     & Buy High Dollar Product to

     maximise the Profit & learn "How to

     monetise any campaign


     Run Ads on Automation


      Core Understanding of 3 Tier

       Process that Facebook offers with

       Business Manager - creating any

       Ad Campaign, Ad set & Advert

       along with split test process &

       detailed Targeting, all on 


     Targeted Advertising


       Better understanding of Targeting

       your Audience either Custom or

       Lookalike for any Ad Campaigns.

       Tips & Tactics that can be used

       repeatedly for Any Niche for better

       impressions & Results.

      Retargeting through
      Facebook Ads


       Detailed Retargeting with better

       understanding of Data Custom

       Audience, Website Custom 

       Audience & Engagement Custom


       All explained elaborately in AdsLift

      Keys to RUN any Ad 
      Campaign Successful


       Analysing all success metrics in 

       terms of Data (low cost per lead,

       conversion rate) to get Healthy

       ROI out from your Ad Campaign,

       troubleshooting if required & in

       last how to scale your Ad.

       Campaigns to a bigger level.


This report is written by Mr. Nishant Sharma, A Facebook & Email Marketing Specialist

Mr. Gaurav Madaan – A Funnel Expert

After seeing the immense success through Facebook Advertising, we were surprised and wanted to take the initiative that can help others to take the advantage of our proven secret strategies that gives amazing results.

And this is the Reason we wrote AdsLIFT. It is a one stop Guide to Learn, Execute and Earn via Facebook Advertising.

This Guide includes combined experience of 6 years (Gaurav + Nishant) and is designed for every single individual who wants to take their Business & Marketing Standards to the next level.

Learn How to Sell Anything in the Facebook Newsfeed, 
from T-Shirts, To SAAS Software, To Training, To Real Estate or
anything you can ever Dream to Sell Online!

INR 999/- Only

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