Hack : How to do Live Videos on Facebook via Desktop?


Facebook has been one of the most premium places for marketing any product or service in 2016 and one of the most notable features of Facebook is Live Videos!

The era of Live Videos was started with Meerkat, a mobile app which lets you stream content with one click of an app anywhere from the world.

Meerkat was launched few days ahead of another Live Streaming app known as Periscope (This is an app launched by Twitter)

Both the apps got huge attention in the marketing space as most of the influencers jumped on to the new innovation to take their audience on a roller coster ride!

Witnessing all the innovations in the social space, Facebook also started working on their own live videos and soon launched their Live Video for all the verified pages!

After all the tests and facebook vast active audience, it proved out to be a tremendous hit, Most of the celebrities started doing Live AMA’s, gym trainings, and what not.

After huge appreciation of Facebook Live by verified pages, they launched it to all the Facebook fanpages to use Live video as a means of engagement. With such heavy usage of Live video on facebook Meerkat and Periscope kind of faded away.

How to go Live on Facebook via your Mobile Phone?

Well, just to showcase how to start a live video from your Mobile Phone, please see the below video!


Facebook is also rolling out this to the personal profiles of people, but not many people have got access to this feature yet on their mobile phones.

This feature is really getting a lot of attention because it’s a great way to engage your Facebook Fanpage audience and get it back to life. Moreover, Facebook has been giving a lot of importance to live videos and we see a tremendous amount of reach for each live videos we do!


How to Go Live on Facebook via Desktop?

Much in demand feature of going live in Facebook via personal profiles and Desktop is also something that Facebook has been able to work around.

Now one can go live on Facebook via third party streaming softwares.

TO go live from your Desktop (Personal Profile or any Group or any Page) begin with you woud need the following:

  • A strong Internet Connection
  • Open Broadcast Software (Click to Download and Install the software)
  • Good Ram of your System
  • Launch FB Live API (Keep reading the post)

Take the following steps to go live from your Desktop now.

  1. Open Google Chrome Browser and go to http://launchfblive.com/ facebook live videos
  2. Click on the Red Button (Create Live Stream to Facebook) Launch Fb Live
  3. Chose where would you like to go live? Your Personal Timeline, On a friends Timeline, in a Group or on a Facebook Fanpage
  4. Once you are done choosing, click on Next
  5. Another window would open as soon as you click on Next, with your Live Stream key details just as shown below in the screenshot
  6. All you need now is the STREAM KEY as shown in the screenshot, copy the stream key which would be required to go live via Open Broadcast Softwarestream key
  7. Open the Open Broadcast Software (OBS)Open Broadcast Software
  8. Towards the bottom right, you would see the Settings Option, Click on Settings
  9. Click on Stream option on the RHS and paste your Stream key.
    OBS Stream
  10. Once done, press OK
  11. Add a Scene from bottom left part of the panel
  12. Once done, chose what would you like to stream Chose source
  13. Once ready, Hit Start Streaming on the bottom right corner facebook live
  14. Once you hit the stream button, there would be a preview of the source which you have started using in your OBS
  15. Now press, Go LIVE and You are on !!!

This is the secret sauce which i wanted to add, IF YOU LIKED THIS TUTORIAL, please leave a comment below to appreciate me.

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    Very thorough and exact, easy to follow instructions. As usual, excellent job done by Gaurav. Thanks.