Lead Magnets

A complete Guide to Lead Magnets


In this post, I wanted to discuss the A…..Z of Lead Magnets, right from what are Lead Magnets to How you can create Lead Magnets and their benefits.!

Let us start with the very basic part : –

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a freebie that is designed to be promised to be given as a value in exchange of an information from the customer. You must have seen a lot of websites ask you for submitting your name and email id in exchange of something like an ebook, or an Ecourse or a video or a Free Voucher and so on…

We call it a Lead Magnet in the Internet Industry.

What is the purpose of a Lead Magnet?

It serves a very simple purpose which is to generate a lead in terms of getting an email id, name and some other information about your potential customer. Now you would imagine why is that even required at the first place (the information of customer).

It is because of one simple reason which is that a customer/viewer/visitor on your website is never going to take a decision at the very first instant he sees a product or service. Hence to make sure that we do not lose the viewer completely we try to get their information so that we can get back in touch with them and try to sell them what we were earlier trying to.

How can I make a Lead Magnets for my business?

You can visit this website called Lead Capture Mastery for a free course on Lead Magnets.A complete guide to Lead Magnets This website provides a free course where you can learn from 0 to how possibly you can create a Lead Magnet for your business.

How do I use it now?

Once you have made a Lead Magnet, the next step is to properly implant it on your website at various places. You can do this on three different locations.

  1. You can implant the Lead Magnet cover picture with a strong call to action on the right hand side of a webpage
  2. You can implant the lead magnet in the middle of the webpage with a strong CTA, once the user clicks on the call to action (like download here or get instant access) you can either redirect the person to another webpage (your Lead Magnet Landing page) or you can implant a lightbox using Thrive Leads
  3. You can plant it as an exit pop up or entry pop up using a tool called Thrive Leads
  4. You can place it in the footer with the help of a feature box

A lot of times people have asked me what works best? I would say Pop up with good graphics works best in my 5 years of experience so far.

How can i make a Landing page for Lead Magnets? What are some good practices?

The landing page can be made via many different ways like you can use instapage or you can use click funnels or maybe some other Landing page software available in the market.

I normally do this task with the help of Landing Page Builder called Igloo

Good Practices – 

  • You should not be having any menu on that page
  • You should have a form on the RHS or maybe within the page itself
  • You should have a cover image of the Freebie on the left

Make sure the graphics are up to the mark. If you are not a designer or do not know anything about design.  would recommend you to go to Fiverr.com and get a great graphic done for 5$.

Or alternatively, you can use Canva.com or Powerpoint to achieve the same.

I hope this post helped you to learn something good today. If you have any questions you can ask me in the comment box.

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