7 ways to Find Competitor Facebook Ads


To our best of creativity, there may be times where we may lack good ideas for our ad creatives and copy. From the begining of time, i have been taking serious precautions to counter this. Like i have a separate email id where i just subscribe to my competitors email newsletters. Today i am going to share with you 7 different methods to find competitor facebook ads, make good use of this!

Hence, i recommend you to do the same if you need some competitive intelligence read out this article which i wrote little while back => Competitive Intelligence Research (You’ll enjoy reading this for sure).

Coming back to the main topic of this blog post, how to spy on your Competitors Ads on FACEBOOK?

There are 7 tools that can help you achieve the same. Here they go :

  • AdEspressoAdEspresso has a vast library of ads and you can do plenty of research in almost every type of niche.

Subscription – FREE

Find Competitor Facebook Ads


  • Adicted.io – Well this one is quite classy i must say. Adicted.io has a huge library of ads. The best about it is it would show you the ads exactly along with the engagement people have received on them.

Once Subscribed, you can view with multiple advanced filters.

Subscription : FREE and Paid (19.97/month to 49.97/month) both available

Find Competitor Facebook Ads


  • Adsviser – Another one in the castle is Adsviser, they have a huge database of ads which you can browse from. The only challenge is that they don’t have any free access level available.

TIP : Just try to exit the website once you reach there, you would get a 1$ trial for 7 days

Subscription – Paid (67$/month to 197$/Year)

Find Competitor Facebook Ads

  • AdfoxThe next one in the arsenal is Adfox, it has a mighty database of over 300,000 ads and growing, enabling you to find the Best Facebook Ads And Funnels In matter of seconds!

Subscription – Paid (39$/month – 97$/month). 1$ Trial available for 3 days!

Find Competitor Facebook Ads

  • Compass – This is another one which can help you uncover the mysteries of your competition. Well Compass is still in beta though and they offer a 50% discount for the new beta signups. Though i could not find a free access anywhere

Subscription – Paid (21$/month – 250$/Year)

Find Competitor Facebook Ads

  • Social Ads Tool – Social  Ads tool doesn’t directly let you view ads from your competitors but rather let you modify delivery of your Facebook Ads based on your competitor’s spending behavior.

Subscription – Various Pricing Models

Find Competitor Facebook Ads

  • Adsvantage – It offers a database of almost 10,00,000 ads from 5 different countries (US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia). Looks pretty decent from the trial version but engagement metrics are not shown.

Subscription – Free (Only RHS ads with 7 days redundancy) and Paid (197$/month – 499$/month)

Find Competitor Facebook Ads

Well these are 7 best places to go for competition hunting, but once you found their ads would you not like to know their TARGETING?

Well, i have got an answer for that as well, READ HERE ON HOW TO FIND WHAT YOUR COMPETITORS ARE TARGETING.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, let me know in comments which is your favourite tool for spying on your competitors?

Mine is AdsEspresso (because it’s free) and Adicted (because of advance filters and engagement options view-ability)

Happy Spying 🙂

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