7 Day Autoresponder DFY Follow up Sequence


7 Email Follow ups

Since Writing Email Follow ups are so hard, i wanted to make it really easy for you! I am going to write 7 Copy Paste Email swipes for you, so that you don’t have a reason to not write a follow up sequence..

First Email – Thank You Note and a little Introduction

Subject : Thank You for Downloading [Name of the Lead Magnet/Trip Wire]

Dear <firstname>,

Thank you for downloading the [Lead Magnet]
Download Your Ebook Here [Link]

To be honest,
I don't know you...yet.

But I do know this about you.

You are similar to me.

In what way?

Simple: We are ACTION takers.

I wouldn't be sending you this email if you didn't
raise your hand and say "Yes, I want to learn about
[Topic]. I want to learn from people who 
are more successful than me."

And, for that, I am giving you a virutal high five!


You took action.

You are now my partner.

And I'm going to do my utmost best to make sure you 
succeed in your career as an Internet Marketer.

Stick with me over the next few weeks and months
and I will share ALL the secrets to my success with you.

The magic is the follow through.

So stay tuned.

The best is yet to come.

Yours In Success,
[ Name ]

Second Email – Better Connection via Storytelling and Opening the loop for the Next Email

Subject : The Grind is Real, What’s yours?

Dear <firstname>,

It was 2010, when one of my friends Saurabh Bhatnagar came to me 
and said i have to show something special to you.

Though he wasn't the most intelligent of all but good enough to bring
out the curiosity in me..

He presented an opportunity to me where i could earn money by selling
domain name and hosting to my fellow people..

At first i wasn't convinced but the motivation he pumped in me got me
going forward.

I went ahead and i also made a website for myself - got introduced to
adsense and used Omegle to drive traffic to my ads post..

I made quick 98$ with Adsense that night in 4 hours but then got my account
suspended the next morning..

Post that it took me 3 years to come to the right track with a much needed

That's my grind, my introduction to the world of Internet Marketing!

What's yours?

Yours In Success,
[ Name ]

P.S. Over the next email i am going to tell you something which is very important
about [Lead Magnet Niche], so keep an eye on your inbox!

Third Email – Introducing the Problem and Opening the Second Loop

Subject: A Huge Concern for you, me and all [ Niche Marketers ]

Dear <firstname>,

Over my [Niche] Marketing Journey,
i have scored huge successes.

But there is always this one problem
which has been hurting back from day one!

The Problem : [Write the number 1 problem
your product solves]
.... and because of the very same problem,
- Outcome 1 [Explain the Outcomes of the problem]
- Outcome 2
- Outcome 3

The day i encountered this, i went out all guns looking
out for the solution that could curb it all..

It wasn't futile, i am going to reveal the solution to this
problem tomorrow. So at 10 am in the morning, keep your eyes
on the inbox, when i solve the biggest problem for you..

The best is yet to come.

Yours In Success,
[ Name ]

Fourth Email – Introducing the Solution and Soft Pitch

Subject : Your Biggest Problem Solved [firstname]


Over the last email i expressed my deep concern
with [Insert Problem] with [Niche] Marketers.

As a result of which [Insert the Outcome].

Let me introduce you to [Insert Product Name and Link]
This is the cure to the biggest problem we have.

[Insert Product Name] is the world's first and unique
solution to the [Insert the pain point]

With [Insert Product Name], you will never have to worry about:
- Benefit 1
- Benefit 2
- Benefit 3
- Benefit 4

This is my answer to the worst suffering i had in [Insert Niche]
Explore more about this here [Insert Link]

Yours In Success,
[ Name ]

Fifth Email – FAQ style Email (Clearing the Objections)

Subject : Your Questions Answered


After yesterdays email i started receiving a lot
of questions in my inbox about [Insert Product Name]

So i quickly wanted to answer all the queries you may have:

Q1 - FAQ 1

Q2 - FAQ 2

Q3 - FAQ 3

Q4 - FAQ 4

I hope you see how [Insert Product Name] curbs the biggest problem
we had in [Insert Niche]

Click Here to Grab Your Copy Now [Insert Link]

Yours In Success,
[ Name ]

Sixth Email – Persuasion and Soft Closing

The objective of this email to persuade the person into buying, so we have to think of an angle that brings the level of urgency or scarcity and drive the person into taking an action!

Normally if it is a launch then the price increase can be an option or If the vendor of product owner is using cookie timers – the urgency can come into picture. But if its neither of the case then you will have to have a persuasion email to propel them to take action. Normally this can be done via storytelling, lets see in the email below how this works!

Subject : 10X Rule – You need to read this now!


I wanted to tell you something really personal today.

When i started in this industry, everyday i used to have new ideas
and i was eager to implement them all.

Happens with you too?

Well, its a trap!

Let me explain, when we go into too many things we end up doing nothing!

So from that day ownwards i started focusing my efforts on excelling
in [Niche] and never turned back..

I realised i was working daily but i was still not 100% committed, so thats 
where i read about 10x rule.. 10x means 10x everything!

- 10x hustle
- 10x Action
- 10x success

So if you have been wrapping your head around [Niche] then i would recommend
you to take 10x action today and grab [Insert Product Name] today!

Go for 10x Success.

Yours In Success,
[ Name ]

Seventh Email – Hard Closing

The objective of this email is to close the final loop, it can be done in various ways like Final Call, 7 hours Remaining, In or Out style depending on the type of promotion you are doing. I am giving an example below for a product which saves time for users and automates the process for better understanding!

Subject : Final Call – in or out?


I quickly wanted to remind you of [Insert Product Name].
I used to waste [x amount of time] when i did not had this!

In the end, it all boils down to time, value and money.
If i invest my time in more productive things then doing all of
the work manually then the output would be more viable.

So, let me ask you again - In or Out?

I just want to make sure that you take an Informed Decision (No regrets

Click Here to Explore [Insert Product Name]

Yours In Success,
[ Name ]
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    This is really cool 🙂 I loved it

  • Hi,

    Once we are finished with the follow up sequence of 7 days then what should be our strategy to promote the affiliate offers to them. Is there any specific funnel ??