5 Softwares that you cannot miss in 2017


In the Digital Landscape, the era is ever evolving. Every now and then the System updates, the processes evolve and things move forward. To keep our Marketing Strategies aligned, we have to make sure we evolve our Strategies as well and use the right tools to help us automate the Processes.

In 2017, i have personally invested in more than 50+ tools, and i am glad i could review so many of them. In this article i wish to share the Top 5 Tools which helps me in my business, and also will help you if you include them in your Strategy.

Without any further adieu let’s get into this.


I – Video Niche

We all know that Videos have been one of the most common highlights of 2017, and yes i have done a lot of Videos myself. Though i have always been a fan of Camtasia. But this year, there were several companies which emerge out as winners with regard to making Videos. Be it promo videos or Viral Videos, be it a Instagram Story edition or a Square Facebook Gig. This tool is capable of all.

The name of the Tool is Rocketium, it’s one of the best tools if you want to make Viral Videos and Promos. Pretty easy to use and comes with a lot of templates and hence this is one of the most amazing tools one can have in their Arsenal.

If you do anything related to Videos in Social Media, you got to have this.


II – Social Media Niche

Well there have been so many tools that i encountered in 2017 that helped me a lot with my own Social Media Content, but one tool which really stood out in terms of it’s amazingness is Promo Republic.

We all need great content and with great content one can make people passionate about their products and services. Not just content, it kind of helped me feed my Facebook Community and help grow it to 4200+ Members. All content which i upload on my Pages, Groups and Profiles comes out of this Tool.

I am in ♥️ with this Tool (Must have for every Social Media Marketer)


III – Affiliate Marketing Niche

In 2017, i did close to $24,000 in Affiliate Commissions. There are a lot of things i normally do to get these affiliate sales. Though there is one thing in Particular that stands out for me. I give away a lot of Bonus to incentivize the purchase, yes Bonuses with True Scarcity does help a lot. I have a library of 100+ Bonuses segmented in Different Niches. And i put them to my Bonus Page with each promo i do. All the Promo Pages that are easy to manage and monetise the Traffic from.

I do all of this with the Help of Commission Gorilla, One tool you just cannot miss if you are an Affiliate Marketer.


IV – Cart Platform

I along with my Partners Roshni Dhal and Saurabh Bhatnagar have almost achieved a Revenue of $500,000 in 2017. And one thing which i could not have been able to do it without is a Cart Platform. My Personal favourite being Thrivecart.

I use it for a number of Purposes but my favourite features being:

  • Funnels
  • Beautiful Optimised Cart Pages
  • Bump Offers
  • Multiple Pricing on Same Page
  • Amazing Automations
  • Hidden Coupons (My Fav Feature)
  • Affiliate Centre (Full Blown)
  • One Click Upsells

and so much more. I could go on and on about this Platform. This is a Platform that every Digital Entrepreneur should have as it directly impacts Sales, rather largely impacts them.


V – List Building

In all forms of Life, anyone who has a website needs to build a List and they need to build a responsive strong list. No one wants to spend loads of money to build Lists but rather pay minimal to get those leads.

It would not have been possible for me to do anything in 2017 if i had not committed to Building a List. From Expert Newsletter to Free Course, From Contests to Product Launches. I have done a lot of things to get my Lists going.

And none of it would have been amplified without a Viral Marketing Software. This is where Vyper – The Viral list Building Platform comes into picture. It lets you do :

  • Contests
  • Sweepstakes
  • Leaderboards
  • Fortune Wheels

I really like the ease of use and the quickness of the Setup. I have grown my email list to a size of 20,000 People. And to the goodness of quality 40% of People are Buyers.

Well that’s not something that comes without Vyper.


I hope you liked the Tools which i mentioned above. All these are the ones i use Day in and Day Out. These are SuperPowers that you just cannot miss in 2017.

If you have any more additions which you used in 2017 and that did help you somehow, please feel free to mention it in Comments below – i would be happy to increase my Automation Strength.

Until Text Time,
Adios Amigos !

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