5 Conversion Adwords Optimisation Tips for Lower Cost Per Conversion


Today, i am going to share my unique methods for conversion adwords optimisation for Lower cost per conversion..

Adwords is a very complex system for advertising, i must say. There are five types of campaigns that we can run on Google Adwords namely

  • Search Campaigns
  • Display Campaigns
  • App Install Campaigns
  • Video Campaigns
  • Shopping Campaigns

All have different purpose to it, In this particular post we would be talking about Search Campaigns only.

Lot’s of people lose a lot of money advertising on Google Adwords, they do create ads but they forget the norms of a happy and converting campaigns. Hence from our 6+ Years of experience, we are going to give you a little guide to optimise your campaigns.


Here we go :

  1. Always use Manual Bidding – We have noticed that people want to escape the effort and because of which they end up giving all the rights to Google Adwords to do optimisation. This is one of the very first mistakes which one should avoid. Always make sure you use something called as Manual Bidding – which would give you the flexibility of bidding on keywords individually and control the campaign preventing any bleeding (with context of your hard earned money)
  2. Make Landing Pages – There are so many advertisers who send visitors directly to the website but i would say that’s a blunder which one can do in the field of Internet Marketing. There are so many distractions on the website and lead generation forms are not properly placed as well. The most important thing about Landing Pages is that they are meant to generate leads. Also one more mistake which people do is they do not make a separate Mobile Landing page. Well i must say that’s an equal loss. In 2016, all we see is tremendous growth of mobile phone usage, if ignored can cost you heavily. To add on, Mobile Landing pages have different norms than Desktop Landing Pages
  3. Not Using Conversion Tracking – Again one more blunder which people commit is that they do not set up Conversion Tracking, this is of prime importance as only then you can make out which keywords are profitable and which ones are leading to just awareness. Once you have conversion tracking setup, make sure you find out the keywords which are converting for you and use them more often
  4. Using Search Terms – When we go into keywords under our adgroups after creating and running our campaign, you will find an option called Search Terms. Click on it and try to see what people are actually typing as queries as opposed to the broad keyword which triggers your advertisement. The ones which are non – relevant, add them as negative keywords. The ones which are relevant and are not included in the campaign so far, include them into the campaign
  5. Adjusting Mobile Bid – Most of the times we have noticed that we get a higher number of Mobile Traffic as compared to Desktop Traffic, if we do normal bidding. This leads to higher cost per conversion. So it’s always advised to use Mobile Bid Adjustment and decrease mobile bid by a considerable percentage

I hope you got some value out of this post. Let me know if you need any further clarifications in the comments box.


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  • Ashwini Mishra says:

    How to track conversion of a thank you page after sale , if we don’t have access to put google tracking code? Is there any other method to find the conversion record of that perticular page ?

    • If this is a case persistent to promoting affiliate campaigns, then you can use an advance tool like Prosper202 – https://gauravmadaan.com/tools/

      You can use a post back pixel and get it set up with your Affiliate Agency giving you a way out to track performance. The good part it that these software have keyword variables, so you would be able to exactly track which keyword gave you a conversion.

      If the case is that it’s somebody’s website and you are not even using an affiliate network, then it’s almost impossible to track conversions!