4 Google Chrome Extensions to Increase your Productivity as a Digital Marketer


In the Online World, while we know that so much is possible by just sitting at your Laptop. We also admit the fact that we tend to get lost many at times amidst.

It can be as small of a notification, or a Facebook timeline laurel that distracted you.

In this Article, my objective is to make you more productive. I am sure you will like the hacks!

In the list of 4 Extensions, they are meant for different purposes.

(1) Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator – Well this one is a must have for every Internet Marketer. You really want to avoid those Timeline laurels believe me. Nothing wastes more time than our Curiosity of peeking in someone’s life.

Purpose – To disable Facebook Newsfeed in your Browser app

Mandate – This would work only if you delete your Mobile Facebook App as well. If you don’t then the curiosity would just transfer to Mobile but would not really work

(2) ColorZilla – This one is for all the Web Developers and Marketers who have to deal with Design in any format. Normally we try to see a colour online, have a feel of it and then create something similar.. In the process it’s always hard to get the same colour manually, so Colorzilla helps to pick colour codes from any webpage instantly.

Purpose – To pick colour codes more accurately and ease the process

(3) EmojiPedia – Most of the Internet savvy peeps loves Emojis, so it makes sense to use Emojis in our Copywriting. It does make an impact and people are more likely to read our content. But the challenge we get on the Desktop is we don’t have an Emoji Keyboard & it’s hard to remember all the Symbols. A great alternative is EmojiPedia – it’s a great alternative to Emoji Keyboard on the Desktop.

Purpose – To use Emojis effectively in our Copywriting

(4) Pocket – This one is my favourite of all. Most of times we see an Advert or a blog post which is really good but we are in a hurry of something. In the process, we miss out on the best of the web and never get a chance to find it again. So to avoid this, it’s best to bookmark that best of best.

I do this all the time for my Expert Newsletter – If you don’t know about Expert Newsletter, then you are missing out big time, CHECK IT HERE!

The little Tweak which i implemented for my Pocket is that i have connected it to Zapier, and everytime i make a bookmark with the tag curate in Pocket Chrome Extension, it automatically creates a new thread in my Trello Board.

This helps me to have a collection of best to look at even when i am in a rush..

Purpose – To get the best out of each piece of content on Internet  by bookmarking and making a Vault out of that.

I use the above extensions day in and day out to enhance my Productivity.

So what are your Daily Hacks to boost productivity, mind sharing in the Comments below?


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  • Anurag Mehra says:

    I already use Pocket and will try colorzilla for sure. I keep Buffer extension handy as it allows me to share the best stuff on all the platforms with a single click.

  • Mithun Samanta says:

    Hey Gaurav, thisvis really an information to keep going without speed breaker.

    We can get the best result when we can work free from any obstacles.

    This is really a helpful tip.

    Thank you so much Gaurav.

  • Pragya Bhatt says:

    Hey Gaurav.. this is a very informative article. Can you please elaborate the difference between a bookmark and Pocket. Both of them seem to be similar.

  • Puneet Gogia says:

    Well, I’m already using Pocket, ColorZilla and hardly use EMOJIs. But the real thing is “Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator”, it’s total worth to install. Thanks for sharing, Gaurav.