15 things that you need to do When you Start a Business Online


In my Digital marketing Career, one of the question which i have received consistently is “Where do i Start?”

The reason why people are not able to plan out their starting point because of overwhelming bundles of information present on Internet. So in this post i thought, will simply put through a little pointers to help all the people resolve this problem so that you can start without much problems… So here are the 15 steps you need to take now to start your business online.

  1. Book a Domain 
  2. Book a Web Hosting
  3. Install WordPress and buy a Page Builder (Skip this if you have/are a programmer)
  4. Plan and Execute your Website Basic Design
  5. Make a Blog Section
  6. Make your Social Handles preferably on Facebook, Twitt and their Images like Profile Pictures and all
  7. Get an Email Marketing tool and make your official email in your Cpanel
  8. Make a Lead Magnet and deploy with your Email Autoresponder
  9. Get a Push Notification Software
  10. Deploy the Notification Software on selected pages with your Bribe (Lead Magnet)
  11. Start working on your sales funnel and OTO’s (Upsells)
  12. Deploy the Sales funnel with your Automation Emails and other important notifications
  13. Prepare the Launch Marketing Banners
  14. Make the First Facebook Campaign for Brand Awareness
  15. Launch with a Bang by getting an Article published on YourStory

Well this is a stupid simple guide to get you started, don’t look for any other piece of info on internet, just start…


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  • praveen says:

    What is sales funnel, how it works,
    I heard so many place about sales funnel can u breifly explain it how to do how the sales funnel workd?
    once check My shoutquick blog suggest me to improve my blog perfoemance

  • Kenny Kolijn says:

    Nice post Gaurav. These really are the essential steps to getting yourself/your business an online presence, collecting leads, growing an audience, building a relationship with people and getting your product(s) out there.

    There is so much information out there that it’s easy to get lost (and procrastinate). Keeping it simple & taking action always works.

  • Shailashree says:

    very nice, By following the above steps we can design our affiliate marketing journey in well planned and in the progressive direction